Why do Women Gain Weight during Pregnancy ?


Why do Women Gain Weight during Pregnancy ?
Why do Women Gain Weight during Pregnancy ?

Why do women gain weight post pregnancy? Women with lovely figures would love to maintain their look after giving birth, but unfortunately, that is not always the case because some women just happen to gain weight after having a baby. According toTruweight, there are some medical reasons why this happens. Here are some answers for why do women gain weight post pregnancy.

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The responsibility of a newborn child causes so much stress for women, which starts a chemical reaction in their brain that makes them hungrier and stores fatter in their midsections. It's just crazy to know how you can gain weight without even eating, but it often happens and that's one answer for why do women gain weight post pregnancy.



When women have hormonal changes in their bodies after giving birth, it can lead to depression, though the degree varies by women. In their depressed state, they eat emotionally. If you're gaining weight and suspect you could be depressed, see your doctor right away.



5-7% of women have thyroid problems post pregnancy, which produces unstable levels of hormones. When the thyroid is underactive, it causes weight gain. If you do have thyroid issues, treating them can stop the weight gain.


Keep at It

I thought shedding those extra unwanted pounds after pregnancy would be hard, but Truweight says differently. Coping with weight gain after pregnancy is not easy, but Truweight says it's not that hard to lose it. Consult a doctor and you could be well on your way to getting your body back.


Rest is Best

I also suggest that you just rest. Giving birth and having a newborn can be exhausting so be sure you take care of yourself by getting plenty of rest whenever you can.


Allow for Setbacks

Anytime things go awry and I need to get back on track, it usually goes back to walking. Walking is a relaxing exercise and it's something you can do with your new baby. It burns calories and gives you a chance to get out of the house.

Don't be in too quick of a rush to get your pre-baby bod back. It took 9 months to get that way, you won't be able to bounce back overnight!

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