8 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Has Hit a Plateau ...


8 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Has Hit a Plateau ...
8 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Has Hit a Plateau ...

Are you trying to figure out the reasons you are at a weight loss plateau? We have all been there, close to the goal weight but not quite there yet. The first 10 or 15 pounds have come off and then suddenly it stops. Morning after morning the same weight appears on the scale and the frustration begins. Here are a of reasons you are at a weight loss plateau.

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You’re Not Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is very important in dieting and is one of the many reasons you are at a weight loss plateau. When you do not cycle your macros your metabolism becomes stagnant. If you are eating high carb, low fat this might begin to be an issue for you. The sugars and carbohydrates will hold onto those extra couple pounds of water weight and fat. If you pinch your fat and after you let it go it ripples chances are you’re holding a lot of water weight.

Cycle your carbohydrates to spike your metabolism and burn off those extra sugars you’re holding onto. Start your week keeping your macros high in fat and protein and also low in carbohydrates and sugars. Then two days in the middle of the week spike the carbs up and lower the fat and protein. Be careful - just because you’re eating more carbohydrates and sugars on these days does not mean eating poorly. Choose healthy, clean, whole foods consistently. Your body will appreciate the change and start to burn, burn, burn!


You Haven’t Changed up Your Routine

When you’re not challenging yourself in your workout routine your body will burn fewer calories. If you are a runner and have run the same route every morning for two months your body will get used to it. Try HIIT workouts instead to get your heart rate higher. This will help you burn more calories, tone different areas of your body, and help the fat come off. Instead of running flat on the treadmill try hill sprints. Anytime you switch up your workout no matter what the switch will be your body will have to burn more calories and build more muscle to adjust to the change, helping your metabolism rise and kick off some of those stubborn pounds.


You’re Not Using the Sauna

If you haven’t used a sauna, start. Saunas are not only great for getting rid of a pound or two of water weight but are also great for your cardiovascular health, having great skin, shedding toxins, and lowering stress and anxiety. Try to get in a good 20-minute session two to three times a week. The results will surprise you and have you coming back for more. Not only will you leave the sauna lighter and happier, you will also lower your cortisol levels throughout the day and see your belly slimming down and your skin becoming brighter and clearer before your eyes.


Your Vitamins and Supplements Haven’t Changed

Using the same supplements for months at a time without changing up the routine puts your body in a state of boredom. The body builds a tolerance for the supplements it consumes consistently. If you have been taking the same things day in and day out for longer than 6 months then change things up and watch the results. If you like the supplements or vitamins you are taking to enhance your weight loss, but have noticed that they have been less effective, take a month off the supplements completely. This will help the body lose the tolerance for the supplement so when you start again, it will be in full effect.


You’re Not Using Vitamins or Supplements

If you’re not taking vitamins, start. If you’re not taking supplements, start. If you have been taking supplements and vitamins maybe it’s time to change things up. CLA, B Complex, fish oil, omega-3’s, and turmeric are great for a starter pack of vitamins. Also, take a fat burner, thermogenic, and nighttime fat burner to see quicker results from your workouts. This will help your body burn fat instead of muscle. When going into a caloric deficit, the body will need some guidance to burn the stored energy instead of muscle. These vitamins and supplements will help the body function properly and keep the fat levels dropping while maintaining the ability to gain muscle.


Your Meal Timing is off

The most important factor in eating is what you eat. The second most important factor in eating is when you eat. Small meals 3 hours apart are ideal for the dieter, however, if this is inconvenient to your lifestyle than timing can be one of the reasons you’re not losing. It is important to keep metabolism high during the day. Do not wait to fuel your body after a workout. If you are waiting more than 20 to 30 minutes to eat after a work out your body will not recover properly and the muscle will not be built. The body needs the proper nutrition at the proper timing to fuel, recover, and burn. Without fuel, the body loses its ability to build muscle and burn consistently throughout the day.


You’re Not Lifting Heavy Enough

So many dieters steer away from lifting weights. This is because they think muscle will bulk them or add more weight so they cannot tell if they are losing fat. Weight training is just as important as cardio training in a weight loss program. Lifting heavy is even more important because the muscle needs to continue to be pushed. Just like cardio, the heart rate will rise when the muscle use is intensified. Another important factor to remember is for every pound of muscle gained the body burns an additional 160 calories at rest. Simple math - the stronger the body the more calories the body burns which helps it stay lean.


You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

One simple rule, drink a gallon of water a day. Water will flush the extra waste out of the body. Many think that drinking water will add water weight. This is a common misconception. Drinking water actually helps flush the water weight from the body. Not only does it flush water and bloating from the body it also helps clear the colon and gets rid of toxins. Water also is important for promoting clear skin, healthy brain function, and organ function. Drinking water also helps keep the appetite down and a glass before a meal will help the food in the stomach expand quicker so you feel fuller faster.

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