7 Myths about Dieting Everyone Should Know ...


7 Myths about Dieting Everyone Should Know ...
7 Myths about Dieting Everyone Should Know ...

There are so many myths about dieting. Diets for weight loss have gone out of fashion years ago and have been replaced with healthy nutrition. And it was for a good reason, since diets can be effective at first but could lead to even greater weight gain later. Here are some of the greater myths about dieting.

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Vegetables Are Healthy

Of course, this is true but also you need to be careful about the way you are consuming them. If you bury your healthy vegetables under a river of sauce, bacon and cheese then no, those vegetables are not that healthy anymore. Also, a little olive oil in your salad is okay but don’t overdo it.


Dairy Products Lead to Weight Gain so They Should Be Avoided

Dairy products give you energy that can help you last for the entire day and also their ingredients are beneficial to your system. If you really want to lose weight, replace your regular milk with a low-fat one but don't remove dairy products completely from your diet unless you're allergic. Your body needs the calcium.


All Calories Are Bad

Calories are energy. Without calories at all you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed every morning, so not they are not bad. Over consuming is bad. If you practice balanced nutrition then everything is fine. If you are set on counting your calories, first make sure to find out how many you need to consume every day according to your weight, height and lifestyle.


Fatty Acids Are the Worst

That’s half true. Saturated fatty acids block your arteries and raise your cholesterol level so it’s best to avoid them. But monounsaturated fatty acids actually help to keep your cholesterol low. Besides, nutritionists agree that 30% of your daily nutrition should be fat.


Sugar is Bad

A teaspoon of sugar has only 15 calories. True it is not the best for your teeth, but a small teaspoon in your coffee won’t make you gain weight every day. Big amounts of sugar will get you more calories that burn quickly and won’t offer you energy but if you keep sugar consumption to a minimum then there is no reason to start adding artificial products in your coffee.


Healthy Foods Are Boring and Tasteless

It’s up to you. There are delicious recipes for healthy snacks online. You can improvise with different ingredients and make your healthy snacks as delicious as you like. Maybe they won’t taste as good as a slice of your favorite pizza but they can be less tasteless than you expected. And before you write them off as tasteless, try them first. You never know.


When You Are Working out There is No Need to Pay Attention to What You Eat

If you are working out regularly then you will need to adjust your diet. You are putting your body to work so it needs more energy. However, that doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. A combination of healthy nutrition and working out is the key to the perfect body and the perfect health.

There are countless ways to lose weight. The internet, the TV and magazines are full of products and advertisements that guarantee weight loss with no effort. Not all of those are true or safe though. Before you decide on a diet, make sure to visit your doctor to help you plan the perfect nutrition for you personally. And don’t forget to drink enough water.

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