Things That Can Make You Gain Water Weight ...


Things That Can Make You Gain Water Weight ...
Things That Can Make You Gain Water Weight ...

Water weight is confusing and while you’re aware of what it is, you might not know the things that can make you gain water weight. When we eat too much food, we have an excess of fats and sugars that store in our bodies and add on the extra pounds, that makes perfect sense, right? The science of calorie deficits and fat burning is something that feels plain and simple when you are getting in to world of weight loss, but water weight is something different entirely. Let’s try and make a few things but more clear, shall we? Here is a list of common causes of water weight gain.

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You can gain water weight if there is too much salt in your diet. Sodium binds with water and ensures that is stays trapped in your body, so it makes sense that the higher your sodium levels are, the fluid you retain.



You might find that you are carrying more water weight in the week leading up to your period, and this if because of fluctuating hormones. It can manifest in tender breasts and a full feeling belly.



If you are pregnant, the closer you get to your due date, the more water weight you are going to retain. You will find that your hands, feet and ankles might start to swell, and this is partly down to racing hormones and partly down to the fact that the baby is putting a lot of strain on your blood vessels.


Birth Control

If you are on the pill as a form of birth control, then the oestrogen and progestin within the medication can often be the cause of excess water weight. This water weight isn’t usually a lot and doesn’t last for very long, but you can still consult with your GP if it is an occurrence that bothers you.



This is more commonly known as the ‘stress hormone’, and it is closely linked with keeping blood sugar levels stable, balancing metabolism and reducing inflammation. It isn’t the most common diagnosis, but sometimes water retention can be a result of elevated cortisol levels within the body.



You can expect to experience a little water retention if you have spent a long period of time travelling on a flight or a road trip. Your muscles contract from sitting for too long, and as a result fluid can pool in your feet and legs.

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