Appetite Triggers That May Cause Overeating ...


Appetite Triggers That May Cause Overeating ...
Appetite Triggers That May Cause Overeating ...

Anybody who has ever had any kind of problem with weight or food choices will be able to tell you that one of the worst elements is having an overactive appetite. Your brain often tells you that you are hungry even when you have already had more than enough to eat during the day, and this obviously leads to the kind of overeating and overindulgence that results in things like weight gain and obesity in the worst case scenarios. Have you ever considered the thought that your appetite is dictated by certain triggers that you could look to avoid? Here are some of the most common appetite triggers that can cause overeating.

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Lack of Sleep

The less you sleep and allow your body to rest and restore, the more likely your body is the produce the hormone that causes hunger. On the other side, sleep deprivation can also decrease the hormone that helps to suppress appetite. It’s lose/lose!



Did you know that most people tend to confuse feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger? If you are not properly hydrated throughout the day, your body might express this dehydration in the form of you might recognise to be hunger pangs. Drink plenty of water and you will find that you don’t have the urge to snack quite as much.



Eating doesn’t always have to relate to your physical body, it can be emotional as well. Many women turn to satisfying junk foods when they are feeling down or upset, so if you can take moment to reconnect with your feelings and identify something that needs working on, you might see a reduction in your eating habits.



It’s not always in your control, unfortunately. Poor eating habits can often be the cause of hormone imbalances in your body. It’s always worth checking in with a GP to test whether your hormones are in check.


Cold Weather

We tend to consume more food when it is colder. During winter months we take in more calories through things like comfort food, choosing meals that are much higher in fats and carbohydrates compared to the fresher, lighter choices in hot summer months.


Social Life

It can be impossible to refrain from eating too much if you are out with friends and family most nights of the week. Restaurants and bars are the worst places to be if you are trying to watch what you eat and drink!

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