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The Reasons You Regain the Weight You Lost ...

By Lydia

There is a common misconception that the ‘losing’ part of a weight and fitness journey is the hardest part, but those of you who have actually gone through know that this isn’t the case. When you are in the middle of a diet and exercise regime, you have a clear and defined goal in mind that keeps you motived, it’s actually when you reach your targets that the truly hard begins! In my opinion, it’s much tougher to maintain a new weight than to go into overdrive and lose some. If you have been through this and ended up back at your starting point, then here are some reasons you regain that weight you lost.

1 Off Your Diet

Once you reach your goal weight, you drop the ‘diet’ part of your lifestyle change and just go back to the way that you used to eat before. Just because you are a smaller size now, it doesn’t mean that that food routine becomes more acceptable or healthier. It will only serve to get you back to the size you were before.

2 Too Comfortable

Perhaps you are at a place in life when you are out of the dating game and you feel a little too comfortable with your circumstances. You should not let comfort in life lead you down a negative food and body path again. Don’t be indulgent every single day, just leave that kind of thing for special occasions.

3 Too Restrictive

On the other hand, you might try to be too strict with yourself once you reach your goal weight, still staying away from certain food groups to the extent that your cravings will grow and grow and you will end up binging every so often. Everything in moderation is the way to go to avoid binging and gaining all over again.

4 Unhealthy Gut

It could be that you are no caring for your gut in the way that you should be. You need to be ingesting lots of probiotic foods so that your gut is filled with all of the good bacteria that enables your digestive system to operate properly and efficiently. Having a healthy gut will always lead to you being a healthier and more consistent weight.

5 Thirst

You tend to misread your body in the sense that you think you are hungry when you are actually dehydrated and thirsty instead. Unless your stomach is physically and audibly rumbling, it is just fine, so any kind of hankering that you get for a snack in your head is probably related to thirst and hydration issues instead.

6 Bad Sleep

Perhaps you are not getting enough sleep. Having a bad night time routine can lead to weight gain in several ways, including unnecessary late night snacking and your body not being given enough appropriate rest time in order to be able to digest your food properly. The more regular sleeping pattern you have, the better.

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