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How You Eat Makes a Difference with Belly Fat ...

By Glenys

Eating slowly is a key to losing belly fat. We all know we can get over excited when we see that big piece of chocolate cake – we get in the zone and eat it all within ten seconds without even considering getting a spoon out of the drawer. It is only afterwards that we realise that we are completely full, and have to lie on our backs groaning and rubbing our belly. This is where we are going wrong. We are overeating as we do not feel full in the short time of scoffing and are continuing until the whole plate is clean.

In fact, it takes about twenty minutes for our bodies to register that we are full – so no matter how fast we are eating within that first twenty minutes, we do not realise what effect it is having on our stomachs. This is why we can eat much more than we need to when we eat fast.

If we start to eat slower, then we consume fewer calories and rather than carrying on eating, we actually stop when our bodies are full. This is the best way to lose belly fat as it is so easy. You can do everything exactly the same but just take more time on your meals. You can even help yourself to your favourite treats, as you will consume fewer calories from them if you chew slowly and feel full and stop before usual. Rather than eating the whole pizza in one night, you can keep some for breakfast (if that is your style) or lunch for the next day! Who said losing belly fat was hard?!

Not only will it contribute to losing belly fat but you enjoy your food more and take the time to relax and this also helps towards a much healthier lifestyle.

Stress has been linked to weight gain, so having that time to yourself to unwind and appreciate your food will set you up for a better chance of weight loss. If you lead a busy lifestyle and you are likely to munch on fast food and snacks then you can aim to have a good meal which you can sit down and enjoy, you will be able to chew slowly and relax. Your digestive system will thank you too as eating slowly means that the food you are sending down there is already well chewed by your mouth so it is less work for it to do and helps prevent digestion problems in later life.

Researchers have found that if you keep the same habits but chew more and stop eating when you are full rather than until there is no food left or you reach about twenty minutes, you could lose about 20 pounds over a year. Meaning that enjoying your food for longer can actually end up with you losing belly fat! No awful diets or regimes, just the simple task of chewing your food and savouring the taste for longer can lead to a new, more healthy you!

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