Why You Are Demotivated about Your Weight Loss and the Solution to Getting Your Mojo Back ...


Why You Are Demotivated about Your Weight Loss and the Solution to Getting Your Mojo Back ...
Why You Are Demotivated about Your Weight Loss and the Solution to Getting Your Mojo Back ...

Successful and sustained weight loss is all about the motivation that you have and the enthusiasm to keep going day after day. The process of dropping those extra pounds isn’t the most fun, and it is certainly super hard, so it is no surprise that people often find themselves in the situation of having made a little bit of progress, only to end up feeling demotivated or unwilling to push on. These feelings are super common, and it is all about finding the right answers to your specific problem. Here are some classic reasons why you're demotivated about your weight loss and the key to getting your mojo back.

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You Are Bored

If you have been doing the same routine for a while, then you might be bored with what you are doing. An easy way to fix this is to switch up your routine and try out new physical activities. Take up some new sports, join some new classes at the gym, find new methods of working out that stimulate your mind and actually allow you to have when exercising again.


Weight Plateau

You might be discouraged because you have hit a stall or plateau with your weight. This is another opportunity to switch things up. Your body might have gotten used to your diet and work out regime, so to boost your metabolism again, start exercising your body in new ways to tests new muscles.


Burnt out

If you are burnt out and feeling too sore to keep up your current pace, then it’s important to stay active but switch to something that is lower impact and that you can do whilst allowing your body to recover somewhat. Yoga is the immediate and obvious choice for this, because it stretches and strengthens but also gives time for rest.


New Priorities

Your life circumstances might have change which means that working out or dieting isn’t the number one concern anymore. Don’t let it concern you to start with; hopefully, as you adjust to your new situation, time will carve itself out naturally and you will find a new rhythm.


No Defined Goals

You might be stalling with your progress because you don’t actually have any defined goals to work towards. You will be much more motivated to keep going with your hard work if you have milestones to reach and celebrate. Going on without any end game is always going to hard to be enthused about.

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