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7 Things You Should Never do to Lose Weight ...

By Lydia

If you do an internet search for weight loss right now, you will most likely be greeted with millions of articles telling you what to do in order drop those extra pounds you are carrying, but something that is less prominent but equally important is information about what you SHOULDN’T be doing. Sure, there are plenty of things you can do to lower your numbers, but it’s fair to say that they aren’t all totally safe recommended by experts. Here are seven things that you should never do in order to lose weight.

1 Fasting

It might seem like good sense to deprive yourself of food in order to cut calories, but if you do this on an extreme level, your body will respond by actually slowing down your metabolism because it will assume you are starving naturally and it will go into survival mode.

2 Supplements

Don’t fall into the trap of believing all of these different supplement brands that promise to provide you with everything that you need without actually having to go on too big of a diet. These are fanciful, and they aren't always approved in an official capacity either.


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3 Detox

Going on a detox or cleanse when you don’t really know what you are doing can be dangerous for your body because it can lead to an imbalance of chemicals and substances that mess up things like your digestion and your blood pressure.

4 Purging

Under no circumstances should you try to ‘purge’ yourself with something like laxatives or vomit-inducing substances in order to empty your body. This is a sure fire way to develop an eating disorder. Food gives your body the nutrients it needs to burn fat.

5 Extreme Exercise

Don’t put your body through any strenuous activity that it can’t cope with because you will just end up injured rather than achieving anything positive. You don’t want to end up dehydrated, or fatigued, or too sore to do anything which results in a longer period of inactivity than before you even started working out.

6 Drugs

Don’t put your faith in things like diet pills, because underneath all of the fancy wording they are much closer to speed than you think! They can lead to addiction, anxiety, headaches, and even things like a stroke with massive overuse.

7 Smoking

Smoking might be something that suppresses your appetite, but believe me when I say that the risks far outweigh the potential ‘benefits’! The thoughts of cancer, lung disease, breathing difficulties etc. are much too serious to be messing around with. You might drop a couple of pounds for the price of a healthy set of lungs.

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