4 Obvious Signs It's Water Weight and Not Fat You're Carrying ...

Out of all the problems and issues I have seen women have with their bodies over the years, one of the most common across the world is not knowing whether you are carrying water weight or plain old fat! It is important to be able to tell the difference because the methods and exercises for getting rid of either are very dissimilar! Here are four key signs it is water weight not fat.

1. Swollen Extremities

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One of the key signs of water weight is when you experience an unusual and noticeable swelling in your wrists, ankles, and fingers. These aren’t places that store a lot of normal fat, so when they are visibly bigger and different to usual, you can be sure that it is down to water weight.

2. Indentation

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Another classic sign of water weight is when you press down on your skin and an indentation stays there for a couple of seconds afterwards. The fact that the skin doesn’t spring back into place right away indicates that there is probably water being retained beneath the surface.

3. Short Time Gain

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To gain just one pound of fat, you need to eat around 3500 calories without experiencing any deficit, so if you suddenly find that you have gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time without changing your diet, then it is probably down to water weight.

4. Bloating

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If you find that your stomach feels swollen, especially just after eating, then it is probably down to water weight rather than real fat, because that kind of belly fat doesn’t appear immediately after digestion. Swelling and bloating indicate water weight.

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