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9 Times in Life You Are Most Likely to Put on Weight ...

By Glenys

When it comes to staying in shape, it’s fair to say that there are certain times and situations when you are more at risk of breaking from your healthy diet and putting on a few extra pounds. If you are aware of these particularly vulnerable occasions, then you can always do your best to prepare yourself! Here are the times in life you are most likely to put on weight.

1 Puberty

Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about puberty; it’s a train that none of us are able to get off until the journey is complete! The amount of hormonal chaos that goes in on our bodies during puberty can lead to things like hunger cravings and general physical and emotional changes, some that you can avoid, and some that you can’t!

2 University

We all know about the freshman ten! These are the ten pounds that first year students tend to put on when they go to university. It tends to be do with caring more about your social life and having quick meals and junk food rather than the more wholesome food you used to get at home.

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3 Pregnancy

Obviously, there is the weight of your baby to contend with during pregnancy, but you should also be prepared for the extra pounds that come through things like cravings, inactivity, and your body generally getting ready to complete an amazing mission! The average mother can gain up to 10kg during pregnancy.

4 Marriage

Once that ring is on your finger, you get comfortable in your relationship, and the stereotype suggests that both you and your partner indulge in few more things and let yourselves go! Studies have shown that newlyweds gain as much as 5 pounds in the first year of marriage.

5 Office Job

You are much more likely to put on weight if you work a job that requires you to just sit behind a desk all day. To fight against this, try to be more active and do things like job or cycle to the office.

6 Quitting Smoking

It’s cruel but true. You do a brave thing like give up smoking for the sake of your health, and are rewarded with extra food cravings to take up the place of the nicotine!

7 Stress

The more stressful your life is, the more likely you are to give in to comfort eating and junk food eating. Unhealthy foods trigger pleasure zones in the brain that can help to temporarily ease stress.

8 Age

Some people have big hang-ups and anxieties about reaching landmark ages like 40 or 50, and a popular way to help get over this crisis is to comfort eat!

9 Menopause

Us poor women, we can’t get away from our own bodies! It starts with potential weight gain during puberty, and it ends with potential weight gain during the menopause! All for the same sorts of reasons, chemical and hormone changes, a significant drop in oestrogen levels.

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