11 Mistakes That Will Prevent You from Losing Belly Fat ...


11 Mistakes That Will Prevent You from Losing Belly Fat ...
11 Mistakes That Will Prevent You from Losing Belly Fat ...

When you are on a committed fitness journey, burning all of that excess belly fat is always something that is up near the top of the priorities list. At this point, it’s probably fair to assume that you know all of the fundamentals for toning up your tummy, but what about your knowledge of all the things that you need to avoid? Here are some mistakes that will prevent you losing belly fat.

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Not Enough Sleep

Your body needs a good amount of rest and relaxation to be able to power itself to go through all of the relevant processes that help you to lose weight. The more fatigued you are, the slower your metabolism is going to run.


Wrong Exercise

Not all exercise specifically relates to losing belly fat, so make sure that you are doing some whole body HIIT training to give yourself the best chance of success.


Too Much Sugar

It’s no good cutting out fats if you are still going to consuming lots of sugar. Avoid all the things like sodas, fruit juices, and energy drinks that have tonnes of hidden calories and hidden sugars in them.


Not Enough Protein

Protein is the key to losing belly fat, so make sure that your daily snacks and meals are high in protein in order to keep you feeling fuller for longer and not needing to binge and overeat.



Stress isn’t something you can always control so it isn’t technically a ‘mistake’, but something you should be doing is everything that you can in order to bring those stress levels down so that your weight loss and fat burning can get back on track.


Quick Fix

The biggest mistake to make is thinking that getting a flat stomach can be a quick fix. It takes commitment and dedication so don’t get disheartened when you haven’t burnt all that fat after a fortnight!


Not Tracking Progress

It is important that you track your progress from week to week in order to celebrate the small targets that you are hitting. If you just leave it up to the mirror you can end up being unmotivated from what you think is a lack of progress.


Crash Dieting

Crash dieting might give you some instant and fast results, but they will only ever be temporary because it isn’t a sustainable way to live and you will most likely end up putting the weight back on.


Doing Too Much

There is only so much that your body can take in terms of exercise and diet, so sometimes it can be the case that you do too much and and rather than burning fat, you shut down in a preservative and stubborn way. It’s all about finding that perfect balance.


Exercise Balance

And speaking of balance, the trick is to find the right combination of HIIT exercise and strength training in order to condition your body to burn fat and be strong enough to keep up with the intensive working out.


Lost Motivation

It is essential that you try to keep the motivation up for your weight loss and fat burning journey. Your mind mind want to get to it every single day, but if your heart isn’t in it too, you won’t give it 100% and you will be looking to cut corners at every available step.

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