Celery Juice the Fad Diet NOT to Try ...

By Glenys

Celery Juice the Fad Diet NOT to Try ...

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time online, finding out the rituals and routines of the rich and famous, then you may very well have heard about the latest diet craze that is viral on Instagram - the celery juice diet. No matter what you have read about it, no matter what you have seen, and no matter how you have seen promoting it, I am here to tell you that it is something you should absolutely avoid. There are some very strong arguments against celery juice for cleansing, detoxing, and losing weight, and you can read all about them in excellent detail in this article: celery juice diet.
Here are a few things you should be doing instead of a celery juice cleanse.

Table of contents:

  1. more produce
  2. seafood
  3. whole grains
  4. unsweetened drinks
  5. inclusive vs. exclusive

1 More Produce

The aim should be to add more fresh produce to your diet, not just restrict yourself to one mostly water-based food. More vegetables and more fruit and you should be good to go. You can make so many more beneficial juices and smoothies if you use all the colours of the rainbow!

2 Seafood

If you are happy to eat fish, then seafood can be the answer to a lot of taste and nutrition problems. If you can have at least two or three servings of seafood per week as a main meal component, you will do your body and your health so much good.

3 Whole Grains

You should be aiming to go 100% whole grain, swapping out all of your white carbs for the healthier alternatives. I’m talking faro, buckwheat, oats, bulgur ... the possibilities are endless and the good thing is that they all have distinctive and interesting taste profiles.

4 Unsweetened Drinks

Make the effort for your chosen beverages to be unsweetened and without sugar whenever possible. When making your own tea and coffee, avoid adding sugar to the mix, and in general, it is always a better idea to stick to things like water over sugary sodas. It might feel bad for a while when you go cold turkey, but it is totally worth it in the end.

5 Inclusive Vs. Exclusive

Any diet that encourages you to eat one food or stick to a single food group exclusively is never going to be maintainable in the long run. Rather than restricting yourself like this, it is a much better idea to have an all-inclusive diet that simply pays more attention to the wide variety of healthy, beneficial foods that the world has to offer. Just keep the junk stuff to very rare treat occasions!

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