20 Reasons You Gain More Weight in Winter ...

By Glenys

20 Reasons You Gain More Weight in Winter ...

It might seem like a clichéd joke that people talk about, but the fact is that gaining weight in the winter months really is thing that happens to lots of us! I’m not talking about putting on four stone in a matter of months, but there is no doubting that standing on the scales and the end of January or February can sometimes give you a little shock! Here are twenty reasons why you gain more weight in the winter.

1 We Get Much More Sleep in the Winter Months than in the Summer Months, Which Obviously Leads to a Greater Overall Period of Inactivity

2 The Colder Weather Plays a Pig Part, as We Aren’t as Willing to Get out in the Great Outdoors and do Physical Exercise

3 Some People Can Be Really Effected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, Which is a General Feeling of Depression That Comes along with the Cold, Dark Weather

4 The Holiday Season is when We Treat Ourselves to the Biggest Amounts of Rich, Fatty, Indulgent Food!

5 The Cold Weather Goes Perfectly with Comfort Foods, and of Course, Comfort Foods Are the Foods That Are the Most Calorific

6 We Tend to Drink Much More Alcohol in the Winter, Because the Cold Nights Keeps Us Indoors with Nothing else to do, and There Are Also Way More Parties at This Time of the Year

7 There is Much More of a Chance for There to Be Holiday Treats Places around the Office. Too Much a Temptation to Resist!

8 All of Those Speciality Coffee Drinks from Places like Starbucks Are Much More Calorific than Your Normal Order, but We All Love to Get Them

9 Dogs Go for Much Shorter, Less Frequent Walks in the Winter, Which Eliminates That Method of Exercise for You

10 It Can Also Be Put down to Evolution! Scientists Argue It Goes All the Way Back to Our Ancient Ancestors Having to Bulk up to Survive Winters

11 Sugar, It’s Everywhere! Pretty Much Every Festive Treat under the Sun Has Sugar as Its Main Ingredient

12 It Might Be Tough to Hear, but the Fact is You Might Already Be Overweight, Feeling It Particularly Strongly in the Winter when Everyone else is Talking about Holiday Weight

13 Winter Has the Potential to Make People Groggy Due to the Lack of Natural Light, and This Grogginess Promotes Inactivity

14 To Fight the Cold, We Amp up the Heating in Our Homes, and This Hot Indoor Climate Can Slow down Your Metabolism

15 There is Less Fresh Produce around in the Winter Because of Growing Seasons, so We Turn to More Frozen and Packaged Foods

16 We Wear More Clothing in the Winter That Hides Our Bodies, Which Can Lead to Us Not Noticing That We Are Getting a Little Thicker round the Middle!

17 One of the Fun Date Ideas in the Winter is to Go to Dinner in a Nice Warm Restaurant, so You Are Having Lots More Meals outside of Home

18 You Want Experience as Many Classic Holiday Flavours as You Can and Unfortunately, They All Seem to Come in the Forms of Candy and Cake and Breads!

19 The More Comfort Foods You Eat, the Higher Your Sodium Intake is Likely to Be Which Can Cause Things like Bloating

20 Over Christmas, Your Eating Routine Gets All Messed up; It’s Not Uncommon to Have a Box of Chocolates before 11 AM, or to Have Full Plate of Leftovers after 10 PM!

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