10 Things You Should Know about Belly Fat ...


10 Things You Should Know about Belly Fat ...
10 Things You Should Know about Belly Fat ...

I bet that if you took a survey of women on a weight loss journey and asked them which area they were most determined to change, a really high percentage of them would say belly fat. It is one of the areas that we get most sensitive about and feel most vulnerable about, which makes it one of the areas that people try to work on the most when they are starting a fitness regime. It’s good to have some background knowledge before you start though. Here are ten things you should know about belly fat.

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Spot Reducing Isn’t a Thing

There isn’t really an effective way to single out your belly for treatment whilst leaving the rest of your body unexercised. The only way you are going to burn that fat away is to engage in full body workouts, ones that get your heart rate up and your metabolism raging.


It’s Not All Hanging

You might not like the look of your spare tire, but the fat that you should be more worried about burning is the fat that you can’t see from the outside, the fat that is settling around your vital organs and making you unhealthy.



Something you should be looking to do is add lots more fibre to your diet in the form of plants. Research has shown that a plant-based diet keeps your digestion and metabolism in check, and leads to much more abdominal fat burning.


More than Cardio

You need to be doing more than cardio in order to burn that belly fat away. Strength training is also really important, things like weights and even yoga and pilates for really getting at your core.


Grown Not Made

Think about it this way; all foods that are good for your abs and therefore good for fat burning are not foods that are ‘made’, they are foods that are GROWN. The more natural, the better!



It is important to note that having an excess of belly fat isn’t the thing that causes you to feel bloated around the middle. That is solely to do with the amount that you eat, and the problems that your digestive system might be having.



Doing weights is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat fast! Weightlifting help to reduce inches all over your body, and that absolutely includes your waistline.


Consistent Exercise

Belly fat cannot compete with a regular exercise regime, the more you work out, the faster your metabolism will be, and the less chance your excess fat will have of sticking around!



You need to be drinking as much water as you can and staying as hydrated as possible. Staying topped up with water will mean that you are less likely to opt for other beverages that might be calorific.



You need to make sure you are getting enough regular sleep of you want to shift that belly fat. If you experience constant fatigue, your body won’t be so willing to let of that fat in case it senses you need to go in to survival mode!

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