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Why Counting Calories Doesn't Always Result in Weight Loss ...

By Lydia

I'm going to tell you why counting calories doesn’t always result in weight loss. When you start out on a fitness and weight loss journey, the two cornerstones of this journey are always diet and exercise, and part of that diet often comes in the form of counting calories. Whilst there are plenty of reasons why counting calories can be a positive force in your weight loss journey, it isn’t always the sure-fire route to success that lots of people like to believe it is. It can work for some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Here are some reasons why counting calories doesn’t always result in weight loss.

1 Low Calorie Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Foods with low calorie counts aren’t always as healthy as you might think they are. You could be keeping to a strict low cal diet, but if the foods that you are choosing to eat don’t possess much nutritional value, then you will find that your weight loss results are not as inspiring as you might have imagined. Not choosing healthy calories is one of the top reasons why counting calories doesn’t always result in weight loss.

2 Starvation

If you go overboard and commit to a really restrictive low-calorie diet, then you run the risk of your body going into survival mode because it picks up on signals that tells it you are starting to starve. This slows down your metabolism to actually preserve the levels of things like fat in your body because your body thinks that you are in danger.

3 Ignore Drinks

A lot of people tend to ignore the calorie content of drinks when they are counting, just because they don’t necessarily see liquids as ‘food’. This is a misguided thing to do, as one or two bottles of fizzy drink per day can have more calories in them than things like starchy potatoes! Alcohol as well contains a lot of hidden calories.

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