3 Influential Reasons NOT to Lose Weight ...


3 Influential Reasons NOT to Lose Weight ...
3 Influential Reasons NOT to Lose Weight ...

Looking for some reasons to not lose weight? As any doctor, fitness instructor, life coach, chiropractor, physical therapist, or nutritionist will tell you in a heartbeat, there are a thousand and one reasons for someone overweight to take the step and blast those extra pounds. Overall life expectancy and quality of life is improved drastically! Mobility is increased! Mood is more stable! The risk of deadly diseases is decreased! I am all for people losing weight (especially if their health is being negatively impacted), and I believe that a vast majority of the arguments for losing weight are good ones! But even among a sea of good reasons, there are always a few bad ones, and the following three reasons to not lose weight certainly take the cake (literally and figuratively) in that department.

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A Love Interest

Trying to find love is one of the top reasons to not lose weight. We've all been there. The man or woman with the flowing locks and the biceps for days that you know you could land if you just dropped a few more pounds. You can just imagine them whisking you off onto a cruise for your tropical honeymoon, lifting you off the ground with those big strong arms and holding you as you both stare blissfully into the sunset. But let me tell you something, if it takes you losing a few pounds for them to notice you, they aren't worth it.

What if, a few years down the road, you have a child and can't lose the weight again? What if you develop diabetes or a thyroid condition? If it took you losing weight for them to find you attractive in the first place, can you really count on them to be there for you if life takes a turn where you gain it back? Do you really want the story of love that you pass on to your children to be based on you, the woman, changing a meaningless physical detail in order to attract a man? I don't think so. Which brings us to reason number two!


Societal Pressure

Believe me, ladies, I see the models too. Everywhere we look there are images from magazines, TV shows, comics, video games, and movies showing us repeatedly what the ideal woman looks like. She is tall; she is slender; she is powerful. And guess what? She doesn't exist. Even the women espoused as the height of feminine beauty are photo-shopped beyond recognition. Magazines and movies want perfection, and perfection does not include the beautiful flaws that make us human. Whether those flaws are a splattering of freckles, a trace of acne, or stretch marks and love handles, they are all erased.

Your differences from the cutouts they show us are what make you unique. And if the only reason you have for losing weight is to try and reach those unattainable standards, don't do that to yourself. I promise, you are beautiful and loved just the way you are.


To Ignore Other Problems

I understand the appeal of weight loss when it comes to people who feel like they are in over their heads in something. Maybe you fell behind on your bills this month. Maybe a close friend or relative just died. Maybe your workload has increased and you aren't sure how to handle it. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes it seems nice to shove all of your problems to the way-side (or in this case, the weigh-side) to focus on something that you can control. And in this scenario, that is exercise.

If you follow a strict diet and exercise regime, you will lose weight. It is completely trackable, and completely under your control. What it isn't, though, is a solution to the problem you are avoiding. Weight loss isn't endlessly sustainable, and once you reach your goal, as you eventually will, your problem will still be there. In fact, it will probably have gotten even worse from your lack of attention!

In conclusion, there are many, MANY, wonderful reasons for pursuing weight loss. If you are overweight, it is a great step to take for your overall health, and an all-around fun goal to pursue! However, you should only pursue it for your own mental and physical well-being. Not for a man, not because society wants you to look a certain way, and definitely not to try and stuff down your problems.

If you aim to lose weight, you should do so for your benefit, and for the benefit of the friends and family who love you dearly. So if you find your reason (a good one!) and think losing weight is in your best interest, get to it! But if your reason is on the bad list, give it a second thought before you jump on the bandwagon. Good luck with your goals!

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