Epic Weight Loss Tips by Becoming a Foodie ...


Epic Weight Loss Tips by Becoming a Foodie ...
Epic Weight Loss Tips by Becoming a Foodie ...

Are you a foodie? Do you love to explore new food, try different flavors and live on the taste testing edge? Do you find yourself day dreaming with gourmet meals dancing like sugar plums in your head? Okay that might be weird, but seriously, are you an adventurous eater? If so, you may notice that you love of food exploration has helped you to slim down and feel better. Foodies tend to graze rather than gorge and this helps to keep the calories in check. So check out just how being a foodie can help you to achieve your weight loss goals:

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Graze Not Gorge

Foodies love to visit fine restaurants where portions are smaller, but richer in flavor. Although this food may be dense in taste, the portion control will help you stay slim and you may even lose weight in the process. So skip overeating and taste the flavor while enjoying each bite.


Foodies Are Careful

Rather than polish off a box of cookies, most foodies want to eat a meal with texture, flavor and of quality. So foodies tend to be careful in what they put in their mouth. Become a foodie and think about the food you put in your mouth before you over eat!


Foodies Love to Explore

Foodies tend to be adventurous and celebrate food. So celebrate the different flavor combinations and check out a new restaurant to put your taste buds on the ride of their life. Taste rather than inhale while you savor each and every bite!


Cook with Passion

As you cook your meals, put passion into the dish you are creating. Simply knowing each ingredient and feel pride in the quality makes the meal taste even better. Who wants to eat an endless buffet of cheap ingredient created food, prepare quality and health to enhance taste along with your weight loss.


Foodies Usually Limit Processed Food

Since foodies can be the food snobs of the world you will not see them eating a bag of chips or donuts; they crave whole foods or fresh created meals. This makes for a dynamite weight loss plan since processed food tend to cause weight gain. So become a foodie and lose weight in the process.


Foodies do Not Eat out of Hunger

Rather than caving into a craving, foodies do not eat out of hunger but a hobby. Be happy eating healthy, freshly prepared food and never worry about overeating again. Really taste the flavors and just enjoy this experience. Eat less and love food more as you lose weight as a foodie. Who knew?


Foodies Thrive on New Experiences

Enjoy new meals as new life experience as you lose weight in the process. Yep that is just what you can do as a foodie. Have fun, enjoy light meals in terms of portion sizes. And make new delectable memories. Yes you can do all this as a foodie!

With all these positives about becoming a foodie, you may want to rethink your next bite. So check out your local grocer for local ingredients or head to the finest nearby restaurant to have the dining experience of your life. And lose weight in the process by portion controlled taste testing!

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