Idiot Proof Ways to Lose Weight without Actually Spending Money for Girls without Extra Cash ...


Idiot Proof Ways to Lose Weight without Actually Spending Money for Girls without Extra Cash ...
Idiot Proof Ways to Lose Weight without Actually Spending Money for Girls without Extra Cash ...

The truth is that living a healthy lifestyle can be costly. Healthy foods can be expensive as well as exercise equipment. But there’re ways you can work around that. You don’t have to wait until you have more money before losing weight.

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Find Ways around the High Prices of Healthy Foods

It’s very frustrating to want to eat healthier but feel like you can’t because of the price of healthy foods. There’re some tips and tricks that can help you work around this, though. Watch sales on produce and stock up when it’s on sale. You can freeze things like berries for smoothies later on. Learn which healthy foods are inexpensive. For example, beans and rice are often reasonably priced.


Take Advantage of Free Workouts Online

There’re so many free workouts that you can take advantage of online. There’s truly something for everyone. YouTube is a great resource for this. Lately, I’ve been following the Bikini Body Mommy program and I love it! While she does have some workouts that charge a fee, there’re also four 90 day challenges you can access completely free.


Use Substitution for Workout Equipment

Workout equipment is expensive. And while there’re some things that that you can’t find a substitution for, you can for many other things. For example, you can use bottled water or soup cans for hand weights. A rug with non-slip backing can be a substitute for a yoga mat. Creativity can help you find ways to overcome lots of things.


Switch Your Beverages

Water is cheaper than soda even if you buy it bottled. You can also drink tap water and just jazz it up with lemon or orange slices. Cutting your soda habit is something you can do without spending any extra money; in fact this can save you money. Since each can of soda usually comes in around 150 calories this can make a big difference in your weight loss efforts. You can see the scale drop significantly just from this one change.


Take a Daily Walk

No worries if you can’t afford a gym membership! Walking is a free exercise that’s very good for you. There’re places where you can walk in almost anywhere you live. City and country areas can both be great places to walk. If you live in a city, check out the local parks or walking trails. When you live in the country, you’ve got many options to choose from right outside your door.


Pack Your Lunch Instead of Ordering out

This’s another way you can not only lose weight without spending money; you can also save money. Packing your lunch is much cheaper than ordering out daily. Pack yourself a yummy salad or homemade soup paired with whole wheat crackers. Fresh fruit always makes for a healthy dessert choice. If you need something a little more decadent than that, dark chocolate is a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about thanks to the heart healthy benefits it offers.


Stop the Snack Habit

The snack habit is my biggest issue when I’m trying to lose weight. Snacks can sabotage your diet and your grocery budget if you’re not careful. An occasional snack is okay but choose wisely and aim to keep them to a minimum. I try to limit myself to fresh fruit if I snack in between meals. You’ll be amazed how much less you’re spending at the grocery store when you don’t buy as many snacks.

These’re 7 ways you can lose weight without spending a dime. I’d love your tips on this subject! How do you live healthy without spending a fortune?

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