Why You Should Eat Beans to Lose Weight ...


When you're trying to lose weight, there's one food item that you should be eating to help … beans. Pulses are a brilliant protein source for anyone, and they're even better if you want to lose weight. So how do they help you in your quest to shift those pounds? This is why you should eat beans if you want to lose weight …

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They're Good for Your Heart

Studies suggest that a diet rich in beans will not only help in weight loss, but will also help your heart as well. They can lower your cholesterol and help your blood pressure. They also provide other benefits in reducing heart disease. And people in the studies also lost more weight than others who didn't eat beans.


They Get Rid of Belly Fat

Other studies have shown that a diet containing beans can help in shifting that annoying belly fat. Women tend to gain weight in that area (the classic apple shape), so that's the area we need to work on. The study suggests that people who consume more pulses lost more weight around the stomach area.


They'll Boost Your Rate of Weight Loss

Eating beans may not be the only way to lose weight, but they seem to increase the weight loss. People who eat a lot of beans lose more weight than those who don't. So try to eat a few portions of beans per week - you may find that your weight loss is greater than before.


They Fill You up

Beans are such a brilliant source of protein and fiber that they really fill you up. You won't want to snack after you've eaten a meal containing beans, because they'll keep you full until your next meal. And because they're so filling, you'll want to eat less unhealthy foods like desserts.


Pulses Are Cheap

If you're going to eat meat, you should buy quality meat - and that is expensive. But pulses are much cheaper, especially if you buy them dried and cook them yourself. A bag of dried pulses will cost very little, and will last you for ages. So you can have a brilliant protein source at a very low price, and that will leave you money to buy other healthy ingredients like vegetables.


They're Low in Calories

Beans are lower in calories than many other sources of protein. A good portion will have fewer calories than many different meats, for example. And they contain so many other helpful nutrients, they're a great way of getting your protein. You don't have to be vegetarian to eat beans!


You Can Cook Lots of Different Dishes

One problem with weight loss programs is that they can get tedious and repetitive. But beans are a very versatile ingredient, so you'll never be short of ideas for meals. You can even use them to make cakes and desserts if you want a treat! There are also many different tasty different beans, and you can use them to make burgers, stews, soup, salad, chilli …

So including several portions of beans in your diet each week will help you achieve your weight loss goals. They also bulk out meals if you do eat meat, so you'll eat less of it. And they're tasty!

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