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Simple Calorie Swaps to Help You Lose Weight without Much Effort ...

By Tara

Save some calories here, some there, a little workout and all of a sudden the scale is beginning to finally drop. Amazing how with a little bit of thought and planning you can lose weight. All you have to do is make minor changes and healthy swaps to see the difference. You do not have to starve, go on an extreme diet or workout endless hours to lose weight. Small swaps add up to make a big difference. So pay attention to these simple swaps you can easily follow to help you get the fab body you deserve!

1 Apple Sauce Instead of Butter

Apple Sauce Instead of ButterSwap out the butter for applesauce when baking. You will still get the moistness without the excess fat. You will still get your baked goods, not feel deprived and save some calories to help you slim down for your next weigh in.

2 Cappuccino Vs Tea

Cappuccino Vs TeaSave over 100 calories by swapping your decadent high calorie cappuccino for tea. You will save your waist line, lean down and feel happy with your low calories choices. These simple swaps will help you to achieve your weight loss goals!


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3 Swap Dried Fruit for Fresh Fruit

Swap Dried Fruit for Fresh FruitTo save approximately 80 calories in one serving, swap the dried fruit for the fresh. The fresher and more whole state your food, the lower in calories and healthier. So make this simple change to add up to weight loss and feeling better!

4 Ditch Cream Cheese and Have Greek Yogurt

Ditch Cream Cheese and Have Greek YogurtIn some of your meals you can swap out the cream cheese for greek yogurt. You will lower the fat in the recipe and add nutritional benefits. It is time to start eating for your health and the betterment of your life rather than feeding into a craving.

5 Swap Granola for Oatmeal

Swap Granola for OatmealSkip the high calorie granola for breakfast and enjoy a bowl of comforting oatmeal. Oatmeal is better for your heart, can help to lower your cholesterol and you can save over 150 calories in just one serving. This is a simple swap that is 100% worth it!

6 Have Sweet Potatoes Instead of White

Have Sweet Potatoes Instead of WhiteStabilize your blood sugar level, have more vitamins, feel better by choosing the sweet potatoes instead of the white. This small swap can also better your immunity and help you to have more energy! So skip the white potato energy surge then drop and go for the sweet potatoes!

7 Choose Whole Wheat Pasta Rather than White

Choose Whole Wheat Pasta Rather than WhiteAs yummy as white pasta is there is a reason that a plate can have you ready for a snooze. Have whole wheat pasta instead so you will not have a sugar surge in your body, feel better and save calories. East peasy swap that is well worth it because you cannot even taste the difference!

With these simple food swaps it is easy to see you can make changes to better your waistline, your health and your life! Are you ready to swap out your body for a leaner and fitter one? Then make these changes and visit or other articles for some great workouts to pair with your healthier food choices!

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