10 Ways to Lose Weight ⚖️ without 🚫 Exercising 💪 ...

If you're like any other girl, you want ways to lose weight without exercising.

Because of various circumstances, there are times a girl just cannot exercise. One just wants to cry when friends brag about going to the gym or that they jogged 5 miles. Well, with a few tweeks here and there, you can get in shape too! Here are the best ways to lose weight without exercising.

1. Decrease Your Calorie Intake

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Allow yourself 1,200 calories per day. Make at least 1/2 of your meals fruits and vegetables. You also need 3 to 4 ounces of lean protein at each meal, as well as 1 ounce of 100% whole grains at each meal. The single best of the ways to lose weight without exercising is to cut your calories.

2. Take Some Me Time

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If not, the body will overproduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone that goes straight to your stomach. This allows your body to produce the most dangerous kind of fat, which is belly fat.

3. Drink Black or Green Tea, Hot or Iced

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These choices are packed with powerful antioxidants and caffeine, which promotes weight loss by spiking up the metabolic rate.

4. Brown Bag Your Lunch

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Doesn't a 400 calorie or less lunch sound better than a restaurant's average of 1,100 calories or more? You might beg to differ, but restaurants don't care if you are attempting to lose weight!

5. Share on Social Media

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You will feel obligated to stick to your weight loss plan AND can celebrate your successes. Their support will motivate you.

6. Date a Lot!

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When you go out to dinner with a man, you tend to be a little shy about how much food you consume.

7. Figure out Why You're Hungry

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Is it a physical hunger or an emotional hunger? Are you hungry or just bored or upset? If you are simply bored or upset, find a productive or inspiring outlet instead.

8. Laugh

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Share some good jokes or read or watch something funny. This can speed up your metabolism and you burn calories when you laugh.

9. Don't Have a Cluttered or Messy Kitchen

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A study has shown that those with messy and cluttered kitchens consume twice as many snacks. Furthermore, when you have a clean kitchen, don't you hate to dirty it up?

10. Take a Multi Vitamin

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A person can be overweight yet undernourished, which DOES cause the body to crave food.

People may not see you exercising at Planet Fitness or running all over the neighborhood, but YOU will know you are putting in that 100% effort and THAT is the best. You can do it!

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