10 Brilliant Ways to Practice Mindful Eating to Help You Lose Weight ...


10 Brilliant Ways to Practice Mindful Eating to Help You Lose Weight ...
10 Brilliant Ways to Practice Mindful Eating to Help You Lose Weight ...

There are several ways to practice mindful eating to lose weight. Too often we focus on what we are eating when we try and lose weight, but weightloss is a journey and one of the most important steps is educating yourself to adopt new, healthier eating habits. One of the main reasons why we put weight back on again after a successful diet is because we simply go back to old habits because we haven’t developed new ones. A key to success for both losing weight and keeping it off is mindful eating. Here are the best ways to practice mindful eating to lose weight.

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Slow down and Chew for Longer

It’s very common in today’s culture to wolf down your meal in a record fast time. It isn’t just fast food that deserves the tag of “fast”. Try to do the opposite of this. Take your time chewing and digesting your food and you will find that you could feel fuller sooner. You’re allowing more time for your stomach to communicate to your brain that you’re full. This is one of the easiest ways to practice mindful eating to lose weight.


Serve Meals on Smaller Plates

Trick your brain into thinking that it is having a usual, full meal by eating from smaller plates. The sight of a full plate, no matter the size, is much more appealing to the eye, and you won’t feel so much like you are restricting yourself.


Eat at the Table

Make the effort to sit down and eat at the dinner table. If you are having a quick meal at the kitchen counter, it’s all too easy to open the fridge and reach for an extra food or two that makes things unhealthy.


Always Eat from a Plate and Know Your Portions

Portion your food out onto a plate so you always know exactly how much you are taking in to your body. If you open a family size bag of chips, before you know it you will be two thirds down and regretting it! But if you put a handful into a bowl, you have more control over how much you eat in one sitting.


Remove Serving Dishes

If you have made a big family meal, once you have plated out your own portion, take the leftovers in the serving dishes back to the kitchen so they are out of sight and out of mind, and you won’t be so committed to having seconds!


Eat Healthy Desserts

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert, it just means that you have to make smarter choices. Chocolate cake might be the dream, but something like frozen yogurt with fresh fruit can be just as delicious!


Graze Often

If you have small snack breaks throughout the day on things like trail mix, yogurt and nuts, you will find that you are satisfied with a much small dinner portion than before, which in turn means less calories being consumed. Just be mindful that the snacks you’re choosing are healthy.


Pay Attention to Your Meal

Always pay attention to how much you are eating. This means focusing on the task in hand rather than watching TV at the same time. You would be surprised how many people over eat because they aren’t paying attention.


Don’t Forget to Consider Your Liquid Calories

Counting food calories is great, but don’t forget that you should count the calories going into your body from your beverages. You would be shocked at just how calorific something like two glasses of red wine in an evening is.


Wait on Cravings

If you suddenly have a food craving, sit with it for five or ten minutes rather than running straight to the kitchen. Most food cravings are psychological, and will pass if not indulged immediately. Also, try having a drink. Oftentimes you’re thirsty, rather than hungry.

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