6 Pro Tips 💪 to Break 👊 a Weight Loss ⚖️ Plateau 📉 ...

What is a weight loss plateau and what are some tips to break a weight loss plateau? A plateau is a stall in weight loss progression. Have you gone months or years without any weight loss? Then, you have hit a weight loss plateau. Are you frustrated and ready to scream? Before blaming your scale and throwing it in the garbage, watch the following YouTube video for some tips to break a weight loss plateau.

Get Fit With Coach Jo, March 9, 2017

As she explains, maybe it is time you do a cleanse. You take showers every day, right? As showers take care of the outside, we need to take care of the inside. Eat apples to go potty to rid the body of toxins.

Next, intensify your workouts. Our bodies adapt quickly, so mix it up.

Next, increase your water intake and eat regularly. Don't skip meals. Keep your metabolism burning.

Take a rest day! Your body needs to recover. Another shocker? Have at least one cheat meal. Again, our bodies adapt easily. Don't have the same thing over and over. Go ahead, have that spaghetti or pizza every so often!

These are very easy and sensible tips. Do them and I bet your scale becomes very happy and becomes your new BFF! Like OMG!

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