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How Blogging about Your Weight Loss Can Help Your Journey Be Successful ...

By Leiann

Wondering how blogging about your weight loss can help your journey? Weight loss blogs are obviously where ordinary people chronicle their experiences with dieting and exercising. The web offers millions of places where writers get to confide their struggles and challenges to a supportive community.

A University of Texas study on blogging and weight loss suggested that sharing negative emotions leads to greater weight loss than simply keeping a food intake diary.

Sometimes the people you know and love do not have the same problems. People in your everyday life might not see the pounds lost, but by blogging about it you will be able to share all of your successes big or small. That's how blogging about your weight loss can help your journey.

Maybe by reading a few weight loss blogs as examples, you will find many reasons to begin your own. Reasons may be for inspiration, knowledge and support.

Check out diettogo for The 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers.

To get started, view problogger for a tutorial.

Weight loss is intimidating. Blogging is intimidating. But put them together, learn how and it will be smooth sailing.


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