7 Easy Ways to Fire up Your Metabolism and Burn Body Fat Faster ...


7 Easy Ways to Fire up Your Metabolism and Burn Body Fat Faster ...
7 Easy Ways to Fire up Your Metabolism and Burn Body Fat Faster ...

If you're here, it's because you're looking for ways to fire up your metabolism. Basically, metabolism is the sum of all the various reactions that take place in your body. In other words, it is the energy you burn off and the rate of your calorie burn.

Your aim is to increase your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories all day long. Often people don't lose weight because they have a slow metabolic rate. But according to Ben Yeoh, a fitness expert and consultant, there are a number of ways to boost your metabolic rate and help you burn body fat faster. I have been following these ways to fire up your metabolism for years now and it really helps me a lot in losing body fat.

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Add More Lean Muscles

The very first thing you should do to have a faster metabolism is to build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest. You can do this by weight training at least twice a week. This is one of the best ways to fire up your metabolism.


Use Intense Strength Oriented Workouts

Here you should focus on using short, but intense strength oriented workout sessions. It will not only help you burn more calories during the workout session but will also help you burn more calories for up to 48 hours after the workout is over. If you perform an intense strength workout every other day during the week, you will see a faster metabolism all week long.



Sprinting or interval training is the best way to set up your cardio workouts. The best way to do this is to have 10-15 minutes of interval sprints. A 30:30 setup (30 seconds sprint, followed by 30 seconds of slow walking) repeated for 10-15 minutes is a great option.


Eat More Protein

Protein is the best choice as protein-rich foods take more energy to digest compared to foods high in carbohydrates and fats. For every 100 calories of protein that you consume, you will burn off approximately 25 to 30 of those digesting the food, compared to carbohydrates which only burn 5-10 and 2-3 calories for fat. Lean meats, beans, nuts and low-fat dairy are good sources of protein.


Know the Calorie Cycle

You should know that being on a very low-calorie diet plan for a long period of time will eventually cause your metabolism to slow down. In other words, you will get stuck on a plateau and your metabolic rate will eventually slow down. The only way to solve this is to have periodic diet breaks to signal the body that it can start burning fat faster again. You can have high calorie days once a week - call this your cheat day. It will also keep you sane throughout your diet journey.


Do Not Ignore Carbs Completely

Carbohydrates are highly correlated with the leptin concentrations in your body. Leptin is a hormone that monitors incoming fuel and current body fat status. However, when leptin levels start dropping, your metabolism begins to shut down and hunger starts to feel unbearable. In other words, you are going to be miserable trying to stick with your diet plan. You do not need to eat a high carb diet to get the benefits, but my point here is you should never ignore healthy carbs in your diet.


Get More Sleep

Lastly, to help maintain a faster metabolic rate, make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. If you do not get enough sleep, your metabolism will start to slow down and you will notice that you will be craving unhealthy foods. Apart from that, you will also suffer from insulin insensitivity in which any carbohydrates that you consume will have a higher chance of turning to body fat. So, forget all the late night shows and hanging out late with friends and start to getting to bed early for a good night sleep.

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