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The Best Ways to Include Fruit in Your Weightloss Plan without Overdoing the Sugar ...

By Sonya

In these modern days of dieting, with fad and trends coming faster then you can keep up with, it feels like the only thing that you can really rely on is a diet of plenty of vegetables and plenty of fruit, right? But what are the best ways to include fruit in your weight loss plan?

You might be under the impression that you can eat as many vegetables and as much fruit as you like when losing weight but that isn’t necessarily the case. Let’s be clear - pretty much all vegetables are great, but when it comes to fresh fruits, they are certainly loaded with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants but depending on what you are eating and how much of it you are eating, they can also be filled with plenty of calories from sugar and carbohydrates. Not knowing exactly how to best eat fruit can lead to a derailing of your weight loss. Here are the best ways to include fruit in your weight loss plan,

1 Berries and Small Fruits

Choosing smaller fruits is one of the best ways to include fruit in your weight loss plan. If you want to narrow down your fruit consumption to the types that aren’t going to do any damage to your diet plan, then the best way to go about it is to focus on berries and fibrous, small fruits. If you are unsure about what that means, basically you should be choosing things like blueberries, raspberries, kiwis, strawberries, plums, clementines, small apples and peaches. All of these fruits have the best nutritional makeup for not adding too much natural sugar to your diet, and will certainly pose the least risk of derailing a weight loss plan.

2 Moderation

"Eating in moderation" is a term that you would normally associate with unhealthy foods, but moderation is something that should be practised across all food groups, even the healthy ones. There is no doubt that fruit is good for you, but when compared to vegetables, it can start to pose more of a problem if you are favouring the former over the latter. By all means, eat lots of delicious fresh fruits, especially the ones mentioned in the first point, but it is recommended that fresh vegetables have a more prominent role in your diet, as they possess a more diverse nutritional benefit as well as not having so much potential to derail weight loss.


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3 Scale Back

The first thing the people should cut out of their diet when trying to lose weight is carbs like grains and starchy foods, but after that, the next group that should go if you that extra bit of discipline is some fruits. When you have done a great job of losing weight just by cutting out all of the classically recommended, fattier, more sugary foods, then you will find that cutting out some of those fruits will push you through losing those last few tricky pounds. Giving up some of the more "unhealthy" fruits can really aid your body in losing those stubborn areas of fat that have managed to resist the increased diet and exercise.

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