Delicious Whole Food Smoothies for Weight Loss ...


Delicious Whole Food Smoothies for Weight Loss ...
Delicious Whole Food Smoothies for Weight Loss ...

Are you looking for whole food smoothies for weight loss?

Can smoothies even lead to weight loss? While not all smoothies are created equal, the right kind of smoothie will offer your body tons of nutrition, which may lead to healthier food choices throughout the day. Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr swear by the power of smoothies. Reaching for a low-calorie smoothie in place of a donut or other fatty breakfast may bring increased energy, hydration, and weight loss support!

Be cautious of popular smoothie shops that often incorporate added sugars, food coloring, and other artificial ingredients. Instead, opt for making your own! Smoothies can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for a few days (meal prep anyone!?). For maximum health and weight loss support, stick to smoothies made with whole-food ingredients. Keep reading for some delicious whole food smoothies for weight loss.

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Glowing Green Smoothie

vegetarian food, vegetable, dish, lime, leaf vegetable, Created by celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, this amazing green smoothie was designed to support actresses on set. Packed with nutrient dense leafy greens and sweet, balancing fruits, this green smoothie is sure to keep you full with loads of fiber and vitamins. This is one of my favorite whole food smoothies for weight loss.



Pink Power Detox Smoothie

mason jar, fruit preserve, juice, drink, smoothie, Almost too pretty to drink! This fuchsia-pink colored “power” smoothie is light, creamy, and super detoxifying. With ingredients said to purify the blood, aide in digestion, and support the liver, this beautiful drink is the absolute perfect start to any day.



Frozen Banana and Cacao Smoothie

smoothie, superfood, flavor, drink, milkshake, Chocolate lovers rejoice! This recipe boasts a healthier, mineral rich alternative to your standard, syrupy chocolate milkshake. Made with cacao powder (AKA: pure, raw chocolate), this decadent smoothie is guaranteed to curb your sweet tooth, completely guilt free!



Acai Smoothie

drink, smoothie, non alcoholic beverage, juice, strawberry juice, You may have tried an acai bowl, but have you tried a delicious acai smoothie? This antioxidant-packed super fruit is loaded with healthy fats and fiber. Grown primarily in the tropics of South America, acai can be found in powdered form online, or as frozen packets in your local health food store.



Triple Berry Smoothie

smoothie, drink, health shake, panna cotta, superfood, This one is paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and made with only 5 simple ingredients! This berry based smoothie is sweet and delicious. Berries are an amazing low-calorie fruit that have been linked to everything from brain boosting power to heart health. Drink up!



Coconut Papaya Smoothie

food, dish, vegetarian food, vegetable, recipe, This crafty smoothie may as well be sunshine in a cup! Prepared in 5 minutes or less, this fresh little smoothie is bound to brighten your day. At only 152 calories per serving, you’ll be on your (tasty!) way to weight loss success in no time!



Cranberry Smoothie

smoothie, superfood, cranberry, frozen dessert, health shake, Cranberries are best known for urinary tract health benefits, but did you know that these powerful little berries also have mega de-bloating power? Blended with the sweetness of banana and the creaminess of almond milk, this fabulous smoothie will help flatten your tummy pronto!


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