Tropical Fruits to Perfect Your Weight Loss Plan ...

Summer is all about tropical fruit, and when you’re trying to lose weight, that’s exactly what you want to eat! Tropical fruits always have a ton of health benefits that make you feel amazing, but some have a few more weight loss benefits than others, and in this list, I put all of those together. If you’re trying to perfect your weight loss plan but don’t really know where to start or what your meal plans need, this list of tropical “super foods” are sure to give your meals the kick in the pants they need!

1. Coconut

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Coconut has recently become a huge fad in the health world, and rightfully so. It does have a lot of health benefits. If you’re looking to eat coconut for weight loss, a great way to utilize it is to swap out your favorite oils (i.e. olive oil or something comparable) for coconut oil. It’s one of those small changes that will make a huge difference!

2. Avocado

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Avocados are basically the biggest fruit to aid in weight loss right now. Not only do they curb your appetite, shrink your waist, and are full of nutrients, but they also aid in so many processes in your body that will help kick your metabolism into gear. All in all, avocados are the answer to a ton of health problems!

3. Mango

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Mangos are so good that when studies come out saying we should eat at least one a day, I’m excited. Mangos have often been called the natural weight loss food. Aside from all of the amazing health benefits this fruit already has, like strengthening your immune system and helping your eyesight, one of the biggest benefits is the weight loss, which is always a positive!

4. Acai Berry

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Acai berries have been the face of a lot of controversy over the years, when a lot of people (Oprah Winfrey included) claimed that it was a weight loss miracle fruit. While that’s not necessarily true, it does have amazing health and weight loss benefits. If you love berries, try an acai bowl, which is quickly becoming the new breakfast of champions!

5. Star Fruit

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Star fruit was always one of my favorite treats growing up, so I was so excited when I learned that it’s actually great for weight loss on top of all of its already amazing health benefits. The fiber in star fruit curbs your appetite, meaning that you won’t spend your days mindlessly snacking on it!

6. Papaya

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Papaya is another fruit with countless health benefits. It does everything from ward off cancer to aiding digestion and being a great food for diabetics to eat! Papayas help keep you regular which will make your stomach look flatter and will help you lose weight!

7. Kiwi

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While it won’t do it on its own, swapping kiwi out with foods you know you should be eating is a great aid to your weight loss journey. It may seem difficult at first, but kiwi is such a sweet and sour treat that it will ultimately be an easy swap for some of your favorite candy!

What is your favorite tropical fruit? How have you added tropical fruit to your weight loss plan? Let me know what you decide to add to your meals in the comments!

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