Celebrity Approved Weight Loss Secrets Worth a Shot ...


Celebrity Approved Weight Loss Secrets Worth a Shot ...
Celebrity Approved Weight Loss Secrets Worth a Shot ...

As you stare at the celeb on the cover of the magazine, you may find yourself feeling envious and wishing you had the same features. How in the world does she have such a small waist and such incredible curves? And how does she look so flawless? If you are like me, you may think it is great genetics, airbrushing or a combination of both. However, most celebs still look pretty darn amazing from day to day. They know the best kept weight loss secrets and how to keep their skin looking flawless. The great news is that I have plenty of these secrets to share with you. As a nationally recognized trainer, I am here to help you to get in your best shape and look pretty awesome too!

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Drink Lemon Water

citrus, plant, food, produce, fruit, Sip on some lemon water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated, eliminate bloating and have your skin glowing. Lemon water is something that nearly every celeb swears by because this helps their skin to glow and their body to feel fab!


Sweat It out

human action, person, muscle, arm, physical fitness, Celebs look so relaxed and somehow younger, so how do they pull this off every single day? Well, celebs make fitness an absolute priority. If you exercise every day you will look better and open your pores during your sweat sessions. This will give you the natural glow you always wanted while keeping you looking lean!


Add Some Hiit

human action, person, muscle, arm, jogging, Between photo shoots, press conferences and so many publicist meetings, celebs can find their schedule ultra-taxing. Some days they can't find time to dedicate a straight hour to exercise, so they find a solution. They break up their workout into two sessions, one in the AM and one in the PM. And to boost their metabolism even more, they do these sweat sessions using HIIT (high intensity interval training). This is seriously the ultimate exercise because it pushes you to the max. Now test this out for yourself so you can see and feel the difference!


Stand Tall

clothing, swimwear, undergarment, supermodel, muscle, Have you ever noticed how perfectly tall celebs seem to stand? Even if they are on the shorter side, they always know how to work with what they got. That is due to the sheer fact that celebs have perfect posture. Perfecting your posture can have you looking 10 pounds lighter with a world of more confidence!


Don’t Let the Scale Define You, Be Confident

clothing, black hair, swimwear, supermodel, beauty, As you begin to follow these tips, you will most certainly see results but please do not let the scale define you. You are worth more than just a number so never let the reading of the scale set the stage for your day. Celebs are more than just the number on the scale, they are confident beings who demand respect by just being themselves. And you deserve the same!


Have Lean Protein Each Day

dish, food, produce, vegetable, fish, If you find your cravings stagger throughout the day, you just may not be eating enough protein. Celebs know how to prioritize their healthy meals with lean protein, veggies and whole grains because their trainers and chefs guide them. Inadequate amounts of protein can have you feeling cranky with super cravings. So up your healthy proteins with some eggs, chicken or even a protein shake.


Engage Your Muscles

human action, structure, human positions, room, sports, As you perform different exercises, make the mind muscle connection and engage the muscles that you are working. Celebs hire trainers to help them perform the right exercises the proper way. You can do just the same on your own, and all you need to do is focus and get in the fitness mindset. Focus on your workout and push yourself to perform your absolute best.

With all the secret celeb tips, are you ready to achieve all your fitness and weight loss goals? Get up and take charge of your life to achieve greatness!

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Like welm

Thanx for thissss


Yoga is fantastic and it conditions your spine to perfection. It also makes you a little taller. Great post.

The opening statement is also call air bruising and photo shop..but yes these are good tips

Great tips! Thanks!

And it doesn't just have to be lemon water just water plain is also good to lose weight.

Love this! So far go ALL 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👋🏻👌🏻❤️

Yoga also helps a lot guys!! 💜☺️

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