The Fundamental Health Benefits of Losing Weight ...


The Fundamental Health Benefits of Losing Weight ...
The Fundamental Health Benefits of Losing Weight ...

There are so many health benefits of losing weight. When it comes to weight loss, there are so many articles to read online that tell you about the lifestyle benefits that you will enjoy after completing your journey. They say you will be happier, more confident, be able to shop in lots of different clothing stores, and perhaps be more lucky when it comes to love. One thing that many weight loss articles forget to inform you about is all of the fundamental health benefits that shedding the pounds can have. It isn’t just about looking good in the latest styles or in a bikini.

We are all aware of the emotional and psychological positives that a successful weight loss journey can provide, but so many of us are actually unaware of all the medical good that dropping a dress size or two can do for our bodies. So let’s get right back to basics and look at some of the fundamental health benefits of losing weight.

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Decreased Risk of Diabetes

One of the best health benefits of losing weight is that it cuts your risk of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common health afflictions that people who are overweight run the risk of developing in later life. The condition can be managed at a minor level, but can also be incredibly serious, and even lead to things like amputated limbs. The easiest way to prevent the risk of developing diabetes is to lose weight. The ratio of type 2 diabetes sufferers who are overweight to those who are not is astounding.


Decreased Risk of Cancer

To put it simply, the healthier and leaner your body is, the less likely it is to develop any of several different types of cancer. Of course, it goes without saying that certain types of cancer are indifferent to whether a person is overweight or not, but things like renal cell cancer, kidney cancer, pancreas cancer, colon cancer and even breast cancer in women, are all illnesses that have been more prevalent in overweight patients.


Improved Mobility

Losing weight doesn’t only help you to look better in front of a mirror, it also helps you to become a much more mobile person. This not only means that you are able to enjoy many more activities in life, from exercise to hiking to cycling and much more, but it also just helps to keep your body ticking along nicely and can ward off things like arthritis and joint pain.


Reduced Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments for adults all over the world, and you would be surprised by just how many millions of cases would be eased completely with just a little weight loss. The heavier you are, the more work your back has to do to keep you upright, and it is also linked to the fact that overweight people tend to have weaker and less stable posture than those within a normal BMI range.


Decreased Risk of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, a condition that effects the regularity of a person’s breathing as they sleep, can be a very worrying and stress inducing condition. It can be made much better by losing weight, proving that weight loss can help your body even when you are not awake!

So remember, when you lose weight, you will not only look fab in that little black number, but you’ll ease the burden on your heart, joints and muscles (and just about your whole body really).

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