7 Reasons to Consult Your Doctor about Weight Loss ...


7 Reasons to Consult Your Doctor about Weight Loss ...
7 Reasons to Consult Your Doctor about Weight Loss ...

Dieting can be dangerous, so it’s important to know when to consult a doctor about weight loss. If you’re unsure what’s normal, and what’s not, keep reading. Here are 7 reasons to consult your doctor about weight loss. It’s important!

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You’re Unsure of Your Goal

Maybe you know you need to lose weight, but you’re just not sure how much you need to lose. There are some great customizable tools at choosemyplate.gov that can help, but so can your doctor. He or she can help you choose a goal weight, and even set a reasonable time table. Sometimes the best time to consult your doctor about weight loss is before you even begin to lose weight…


You Aren’t Losing Weight

If you’ve been seriously, carefully dieting for several weeks, and you haven’t seen any improvement, you may want to consult your doctor about weight loss… or lack thereof. Your doctor may be able to tell you what, if anything, you’re doing that you need to change… or if the weight loss issues you’re experiencing can be tied to a medical condition.


You Hurt

We’ve all pushed ourselves too hard during a workout, but if you’re in pain, and it isn’t getting better, it’s time to call your doctor. Listen to your body; pain is an indicator that something is wrong!


Your Periods Stop

We women will stop menstruating if we’re losing weight too quickly or if we’re restricting our calories unsafely. If your periods stop or lessen dramatically while you’re dieting, there could be something wrong with your girlie bits, or you could be dieting unsafely. It’s time to consult your doctor about weight loss, either way, if this happens.


You’re Constipated

It may be a little embarrassing to talk about, but dieting unsafely can also mean a decrease in your bowel movements… or worse, they can stop altogether for some time. This is especially likely if you’re following a diet that restricts your carb intake (fiber is a carb). Stop this terribly unsafe diet immediately, and see your doctor.


You Have a Medical Condition

If you have a medical condition of any sort, including diabetes or heart disease, it’s important to consult your doctor about weight loss to make sure you’re not harming yourself more than you would be helping yourself. Your doctor will help you select a diet and exercise plan that’s safe and effective, taking into consideration your own specific medical issues.


You Can’t Stop

Women are much more likely than men to engage in dangerous dieting, including not knowing when to stop. If you fear you may be suffering from an eating disorder, please consult your doctor. Likewise, if any of your friends or family have expressed concern, see your doctor… eating disorders are treatable, and they’re so dangerous… consult your doctor right away!

If any of the things on my list sound familiar, please consult your doctor about weight loss… or about not losing weight, as the case may be. Again, dieting can be dangerous, but your doctor is there to ensure your diet success… and your overall well-being. Which of these have you consulted your doctor about? Or did you have another diet issue you’d like to share? Please do… I’d love to hear your stories!

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Does worrying about if you're too small count? My friends (and even my parents) think I have an eating disorder, for example bulimia. Which I'm not. Should I talk to a doctor to see if I'm underweight?

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