5 Quick Fix Weight Loss Methods to Avoid for Real Success ...


5 Quick Fix Weight Loss Methods to Avoid for Real Success ...
5 Quick Fix Weight Loss Methods to Avoid for Real Success ...

Just like there are things that work when you're trying to drop a few pounds, there are also weight loss methods to avoid if you want to reach your goal.

We’ve all had our moments when we try to lose weight quick or use some type of diet plan, supplement, or daily routine to lose weight fast. But losing weight doesn’t just happen overnight. It can take months or even years of work. What you need to pay attention to is what’s happening to your body during the process. You can’t cheat your way through losing weight with something that promises instant weight loss in days. If you want to lose weight the right way, you need to go the old fashioned way and check your portions, exercise, and limit junk food. These are the weight loss methods to avoid.

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blue, text, font, product, logo, Weight Watchers is a diet plan that helps you lose weight by creating points for the food you eat. You have a set amount of points to use each day and can even use extra to cheat if you want to. Every time you lose weight, the points go down depending on how much you lose. You can also add in exercises you’ve done daily such as Zumba, Wii sports, or hitting the gym. Seems like the perfect plan right? WRONG! Weight Watchers works by making you eat as few calories and as little fat as possible. This prevents your body from getting the amount of nutrients it needs. If you’re eating less than 1,500 calories, you are starving yourself. The human body needs healthy fat and calories to produce energy and to survive. This is one of the top weight loss methods to avoid.



product, product, product design, brand, skin care, If you haven’t heard of Sensa, then there’s a good reason why. Sensa promises to help you lose weight by “tricking” your brain into thinking that it’s had the right portions of whatever food you ate. Sensa is a seasoning that you add to what you eat and that has no flavor. It’s basically advertised as magic dust that can cause you to think differently about how much of what you eat daily. Ridiculous I know. There is nothing that happens with your brain or your body when you use Sensa. If you happen to magically lose weight, it’s because you decided to change the way you eat, not because of some magic dust.



fork, cutlery, tableware, product, dishware, I know what you’re thinking. Some diets are good for you! Or, everyone knows you can lose weight on a diet. You can lose weight on a diet for like the first two months. That’s water weight you're losing fast, not fat. If you didn’t know, you’re body is made up of water. Diets cause you to starve yourself, which isn’t good for your body. When you eat less than what you need, your body considers itself as starving and starts taking what it needs from yo, even if nothing is there. This can cause a very unnatural amount of weight loss. If your idea of a diet is eating good portions and not consuming fast food, then you’re just eating well.



product, product, dietary supplement, liquid, This is probably the most popular method people use to try to lose weight. It may work, it may not work. Regardless, it’s not good for your health. These supplements put chemicals in your body that you haven’t even heard of. Also, organic supplements don’t count as healthy ones. If they really were organic, it wouldn’t be a supplement. Some can even cause breakouts if you have super sensitive skin. You're putting unknown substances in your body and ultimately causing it a lot of pain.


Exercising Too Much

shoulder, structure, arm, gym, sport venue, When I say too much, I mean over three hours. Some people exercise the entire day! I can’t imagine breaking my body down for that long and waking up the next morning. Your body needs rest and relaxation to recover and repair its muscles. It can’t grow if you’re constantly breaking it apart in the gym without a break. This could even cause a serious injury. I know you see celebrities doing their famous workouts, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

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