10 Snacks 🍴 to Keep Your Body Burning πŸ”₯ Fat All Day Long πŸ“† ...

When you’re trying to slim down and shape up, snacking can help. You read that right! Having a snack can keep you from getting so ravenous that you eat anything and everything when meal time comes. The trick is to snack on the right things. That means no chips, candy or cookies. Instead you need to choose healthy snacks that satisfy hunger, load you up with nutrients and are low in calories. While no food destroys fat, eating snacks that are full of protein and fiber helps you build muscle, which does torch fat by boosting your metabolism. Here are some yummy choices.

1. Avocado with Cottage Cheese

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An avocado makes a standout snack because it has healthy fats, which satisfy hunger and help you stay healthy. Filling the cavity of an avocado with cottage cheese boosts your protein intake. Stick with half the avocado and just a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese to prevent yourself from overdoing it on calories. Sprinkle the whole thing with salt and pepper. Add some cayenne for just the right kick.

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