10 Snacks to Keep Your Body Burning Fat All Day Long ...


10 Snacks to Keep Your Body Burning Fat All Day Long ...
10 Snacks to Keep Your Body Burning Fat All Day Long ...

When you’re trying to slim down and shape up, snacking can help. You read that right! Having a snack can keep you from getting so ravenous that you eat anything and everything when meal time comes. The trick is to snack on the right things. That means no chips, candy or cookies. Instead you need to choose healthy snacks that satisfy hunger, load you up with nutrients and are low in calories. While no food destroys fat, eating snacks that are full of protein and fiber helps you build muscle, which does torch fat by boosting your metabolism. Here are some yummy choices.

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Avocado with Cottage Cheese

Avocado with Cottage Cheese An avocado makes a standout snack because it has healthy fats, which satisfy hunger and help you stay healthy. Filling the cavity of an avocado with cottage cheese boosts your protein intake. Stick with half the avocado and just a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese to prevent yourself from overdoing it on calories. Sprinkle the whole thing with salt and pepper. Add some cayenne for just the right kick.


Tuna on Crackers

Tuna on Crackers This is one of my favorite snacks. It’s easy to throw together and portable so you can eat it at work if you need to. Tuna is packed with protein, which makes it a great snack choice. Pile it on whole grain crackers to boost your fiber intake. The right serving size for this snack is three ounces of tuna with six crackers. Skip the mayo and season your tuna with minced onions, spicy mustard, celery or lemon pepper.



Edamame Here’s a tasty snack you can eat pretty much anywhere, from the mall to the playground while you play with your kids. Edamame has the perfect ratio of protein and fiber so you can eat it on its own when snack time comes. Eat edamame hot or cold, seasoned with salt and pepper and you’ll easily make it until your next meal.


Asparagus with a Hard-Boiled Egg

Asparagus with a Hard-Boiled Egg This filling and delicious snack is easy to make and is probably something you don’t eat every day. Successful weight loss is easier when you mix things up and prevent boredom from eating the same things all the time. Nibble on one hard-boiled egg paired with 15 asparagus spears for the perfect blend of protein and fiber for your slim down snack.


Veggie Tostada

Veggie Tostada If you’re like me, you need a larger snack to stave off hunger. Instead of gorging on candy or chips from the vending machine, try a veggie tostada instead. It will satisfy a craving for something crunchy and the fiber in the veggies will fill you up for several hours. Top one baked tostada shell with cooked black beans, corn, tomatoes and avocado. Yum!


An Apple with Milk

An Apple with Milk Want to keep things simple. Toss an apple in your bag and grab a skim milk from the convenience store or vending machine and you have the best snack around. Any type of apple will do so choose the variety that you love best. The apple gives you the fiber and the milk gives you the protein. Perfect!


Shrimp on a Cracker

Shrimp on a Cracker In the mood for something decadent that will feel like an indulgence. Shrimp is the answer here. Spread a large whole grain flatbread cracker with mashed avocado and top it with a couple of cooked shrimp. Season with salt and pepper and chow down.


Low Fat Cheeses

dish, food, meal, breakfast, produce, Rich in calcium and vitamin D, any low fat dairy product will help maintain and build muscle mass which actually keeps your metabolism revving at full speed. Try some low fat cheese cubes as a quick and on the go snack.


Apples and Peanut Butter

dish, food, dessert, plant, produce, Whether you're using apple slices and spreading plain peanut butter on them, or adding granola and cinnamon to it for extra flair, you'll love this snack. Since apples are full of fiber and are 85% water-keeping you full without calories. Plus, peanut butter will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.


Parmesan Carrot Fries

food, dish, vegetable, produce, fried food, Just as good as the potato counterpart, roast carrots topped with fresh parmesan and basil is a savory option without the added calories that are packed into deep fried French fries.

Are you excited that you eat snacks and still burn fat? Which of these do you want to eat today?

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