13 Ways to Get a Better Butt ...


13 Ways to Get a Better Butt ...
13 Ways to Get a Better Butt ...

Are you looking for ways to get a better butt so your skinny jeans fit better, and your bathing suit bottom does not sag? I just hate when that happens! So I have added exercises into my own workouts, and as a personal trainer, I also have put these workouts into my clients' routines. Let me just tell you, these exercises really work to make your butt look fabulous! By adding certain exercises to your fitness routine you can perk up your butt and tighten as well. There are numerous ways to get a better butt through exercises that will strengthen and sculpt your bootie.

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Seat Squat

I love this squat because by sitting down it forces people to do a squat the proper way all the way down. The seat squat is one of the best ways to get a better butt because this exercise really works the glutes. To perform the seat squat, sit down with your shoulders rolled back, chest forward and chin up, feet shoulder-width apart. Sit down into the chair - your butt should just tap the chair - and then slowly rise. Repeat this exercise for 18 times to get a toned and perky butt!


Regular Squat

This squat is one of the best exercises for your butt and larger muscle groups (inner thighs, hamstrings, outer thighs, and calves). To perform a squat, stand up and put your weight on your heels with your hips back; don’t bend your knees into the squat position until your hips are all the way back. Lean out with your butt sticking out with your legs parallel to the ground. Repeat 18 times for the butt of your dreams!


1 Leg Squat

I love the 1 leg squats because it isolates one side of the body and really strengthens and tones. To perform a 1 leg squat, stand to the side of a pole and hold it with your right hand. Lift your left leg and hold it out straight for 10 seconds. Keep proper squat form with your weight on your heel, bending at the hips and lowering your right knee, ensuring that your back in not bending with undue stress and that your right knee is not going extending past your toes. Return to standing, repeat 18 times and then switch sides.


Lateral Squat

The lateral squat is a great exercise to strengthen and tone your butt and hip flexors. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, keep a strong back with good posture and your chin up. Step to the side and lower your body down into squatting position. Then raise your body and repeat with a little walking in the opposite direction as you squat. The most effective way to perform lateral squats is to do 18 squats to the side for one direction and then switch and do this for 18 in the opposite direction. Expect to feel soreness and see great results from this exercise.


Squat Jump

The squat jump is a great exercise because it is both strength and cardio. Stand with good posture, chest facing forward and feet shoulder-width apart. Rest your weight in your heels and drop your body down into a full standard squat. From the squat position, propel up to a large jump and land in a seated squat position. Repeat 18 times.


Front Lunges

To perform a front lunge, drop your leg down to 90 degrees and walk forward, alternating legs as you drop down with one leg. Lunges isolate the muscles on one side of the leg, alternating, similar to the 1 leg squat.


Inner Thigh Squat

This is the last squat that will target your butt and inner thighs. To perform this exercise stand with your shoulders rolled back with legs in a V position. Make sure your legs are in a wide stance with feet pointing forward. Drop down into a squat position. Repeat 18 times.



One of the most effective exercises that will ensure you get back to your bikini-ready body are the kickbacks. All you have to do is get down on all fours and kick back the leg of your choice for about 90 seconds. Next alternate the leg and repeat the process. Just make sure your leg comes all the way up in a 45 degree angle to the floor. Repeat it three times and you will be one step closer to toned and firm glutes.



This exercise simultaneously targets your gluts and hips and it is very similar to the kickbacks in positioning. Once again you have to get down on all fours and with a bent knee, lift your right leg to the side parallel to the hip. This whole process will closely resemble a dog peeing on a fire-hydrant! Hence the name of this exercise. Repeat the same process with the left leg for about 90 seconds and go through the rotation again for about 4-5 times.


Run up the Stairs

Another great way to shed a couple of pounds and firm your butt is by running up the stairs. Once you start one step at a time, you can always advance to two or even three steps. Just keep at a steady pace for about 5-10 minutes in the beginning and increase your work out time as your body adjusts to the physical work. You can even add weights if you want to get fancy!


Toe Taps

To get going on the toe taps, first you need to lay on your back and bring your legs to a tabletop position. This exercise works out your abs and your glutes as you bring your ab muscle to your spine and alternate between tapping the right and left heel on the floor. Make sure to keep your legs parallel to the floor and avoid drooping.


Superman Lift

Superman lift consists of you laying down on your belly with arms extended in-front of you. As you inhale, bring your arms, and legs off the ground and squeeze your glutes. Hold it there for about 10 seconds and slowly release. You can have an option of placing an exercise ball between your feet as you get more advanced. Other than that, keep repeating this motion for about 10 lifts!


Burpees + Leg Raises

Tighten up your butt by a combination of these two moves! First get into a plank position and raise your right leg 45 degrees off the ground. Repeat the same thing with the left leg and get back into the plank position. Then jump with your legs towards your arms and propel up by jumping with arms overhead. This way you will work out a lot more than just you butt!

Add these exercises into your workout plan for a toned and sculpted butt. Are you ready for a better bootie? Then follow these tips! What other exercises do you like to tone your bootie?

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Squat squat squat ladies! :)

It is better to put pictures of those exercises. Anyway thanks!

I didnt know there were so many squat variations...will try these at least 3 times out of the week!

This is definitely helpful

Great workout I have to say! But the aches and pains you get the following day are agonising!! First time doing it is definitely the worst

I'm gonna try these tomorrow after my work out

Wow great tips. Pictures or drawings would've been greatly appreciated.

I am going to start these today!!!!! 

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