7 Workout Ideas for Couples ...


7 Workout Ideas for Couples ...
7 Workout Ideas for Couples ...

There are so many great workout ideas for couples, so you can burn mega calories while bonding with your sweetie. Staying motivated to exercise is not always easy, but studies show you have better results when teaming up with a partner. By teaming up you can push each other and stay on track to achieve your goals. Here are some great workout ideas for couples that I love to do with my husband as well!

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Dance with Your Sweetie

Try out some of the dancing workouts that you can do on the Wii or Xbox; they're ideal workout ideas for couples. Look for the most difficult level so you will be challenged and work the night away. Make sure you lock eyes with your sweetie every now and then but just make sure you do so while getting your dance moves in!


Go for a Run Together and Finish with Dinner

One of my favorite dates with my husband is when we go for a run together and then shower and go to dinner. How much fun would it be if you ran to a casual restaurant together (and yes you will have to run back home). You can conquer this challenge together. Experiences and memories together will help your relationship to build and grow. And there is nothing more bonding than getting in a workout together!



I really enjoy bowling and while it is a lot of fun you may still want a higher cardiovascular workout. If you go to cosmic bowling you can dance the night away and bowl in between. This is a great workout and so much fun! Just remember to not worry about the score, it does not matter who wins, as long as you have fun together!


Scrabble Squats

Play a game of Scrabble together and get a workout in while you do squats and pushups while your partner is playing his turn. While your partner strategizes his next move you can burn some calories and have a blast! A Scrabble workout can help you to get your mind off the workout.


The Kissing Workout

Your entire workout should be done as a team. Begin with 20 high five pushups where you do a pushup then high five your partner. End with one kiss. Then go for a set of 10 lunges, front, then back, finish with a kiss. Follow this exercise with 15 high five sit ups and end with one kiss. Then perform 25 jumping jacks, end with a kiss. Repeat 4 times and rest assured you will stay motivated knowing you will get a smooch from your honey at the end of each set.


Enjoy a Game of Tennis

Tennis is a great sport that you can enjoy with your significant other. You burn a significant amount of calories and it is a lot of fun! Did I mention you can dress for your tennis date with a cute tennis skirt and a tank? Now that’s motivation!


Hike a Local Trail and Have a Picnic

Look for a local trail where you can go for a several mile hike with your honey. Make this workout extra romantic and write love letters to read to each other at the end of your hike. At the end of the hike you can finish with a healthy picnic together where you can read your love letters to one another. Now that is a perfect workout you can enjoy together!

Hope you have enjoyed these workouts that you can enjoy with your loved one. Which workout will you try first? Or do you already have a couples' workout plan you can share?

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My SO and I are fencers, which is quite possibly the best sport to do with your partner. Feeling upset? Don't worry, you can stab them to your heart's content! In all seriousness, it's a great bonding experience- and it's like dancing for uncoordinated people. With swords.

I think the obvious workout here is sex!

Wish my husband felt it was important to spend "any" time together for just us! He will not plan anything "special" for us. Not to mention, if I suggest any "planned" time together he is easily angered or becomes frustrated. He says, "what are you talking about? We are together right now. We are always together." Note-we are sitting on the couch discussing child visitation schedules. He is a wonderful man with tons of accomplishments. I just wish, besides living together, we could have a scheduled something!

4 and 5 are so cheesy haha

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