7 Ways to Get Bikini Ready Abs ...

By Tara

7 Ways to Get Bikini Ready Abs ...

It seems like there is so much work involved to get bikini ready abs between exercise and diet, right? Wrong! Because life is what you make of it and with minor healthy food additions and moderate exercise, you can attain the abs of your dreams. How great would it be if you wore your bikini proud of your tight abs and great health? It is possible to see large changes. Stop blaming genetics for having loose abs, because the largest contributor is in fact diet. Let’s overcome genes and sculpt and tone your stomach. Are you ready for bikini ready abs? Good, I am ready to help you as your certified trainer and give you the abs you deserve!

Table of contents:

  1. make sure you start your day with protein
  2. eat your veggies
  3. get plenty of cardio
  4. do not forget the strength exercises
  5. what about crunches?
  6. drink plenty of water
  7. avoid late night snacks

1 Make Sure You Start Your Day with Protein

If you want bikini ready abs, you should begin your day the right way with a healthy breakfast that has plenty of protein. I start my day with an omelet to get my much needed protein and to satisfy my appetite. By beginning the day with protein you will be less likely to overeat throughout the day, since protein is very filling!

2 Eat Your Veggies

The number one contributor to having a lean abdominal area is a healthy diet. Your diet should include at least 5 vegetables daily. So strive for your daily 5 to get your bikini ready abs!

3 Get Plenty of Cardio

Boost your workout with some an intense run, bike ride or whatever else boosts your heart rate and makes you sweat! By getting your cardio you will burn calories to slim down and see your abdominal muscles! Aim for 5-6 days a week of cardio for 45 minutes to 1 hour!

4 Do Not Forget the Strength Exercises

To have a balanced fitness routine and lean body, cardio and strength exercises go hand in hand. You cannot be complete without one or the other. So make sure you add some weighted exercises 2-3 days a week!

5 What about Crunches?

Yes, crunches are important but you can do just 3 or 4 sets of crunches, along with the plank for 3 days a week and attain a lean stomach, if you can stick to a healthy meal plan. Remember, it is all about a healthy diet!

6 Drink Plenty of Water

H2O is the way to go to decrease bloating, stay hydrated and have more energy. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day. And if plain water is boring to you, add a lemon or lime wedge to spruce up the taste!

7 Avoid Late Night Snacks

Late night snacking is so tempting but this will sabotage your diet. If you want lean, bikini ready abs, you have to give up the late night snacking. Late night snacking causes bloating, a decrease in sleep and often people fall off their healthy meal plan late at night. So cut out the late night snacking and the results of a lean body and better sleep are well worth it, I promise!

These tips will help you to get the bikini ready abs you can be proud of. After all, this is a result of your hard work and dedication! Are you ready to go bikini shopping for a new skimpier suit to show off your hard earned results? You deserve it!

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