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Thank goodness, there are easy ways to start working out. Beginning a workout plan is one of the hardest parts of working out. Starting something new can be intimidating, especially when it has to do with our body and our health. But, there are ways to start a workout that will begin burning fat immediately while keeping us from looking like a hot mess.

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One of the simplest ways to start working out is by walking. If you are not prepared for an intense workout routine, doing a certain number of steps in a day can increase the metabolism and get you ready for a daily workout plan. Walking will also increase range of motion, calories burned per day, and joint health. Begin with a goal of walking between 10,000 and 12,000 steps per day. Once this is complete, you should be physically and mentally prepared to start a killer workout routine.


Get a DVD

One of the greatest reasons people do not workout is because they do no want to go to a gym. Gyms can be intimidating and expensive for the newbie fitness buff. Besides, they can smell weird. Ease into it by purchasing a workout DVD, preferably one that comes with a workout plan. Amazon has some great DVDs by fantastic trainers like Jillian Michaels and Tracy Anderson. If done right, these DVDs will get you burning some major fat and increasing your athletic performance.



Yoga is a great activity that will help increase flexibility, balance, mental health, and athletic performance. Start easy with some beginner yoga classes that will teach you into the poses and get you a good foundation. Since yoga is about personal growth, you get to choose how fast you move and what the intensity is. This freedom of choice is perfect for someone just starting a fitness routine.


Set a Goal

Starting a workout plan is difficult. We have to re-route our schedules, get sweaty, and the results may not be seen for a long period of time. But, all these downsides do not seem so bad once there is a goal. One of the best ways to get excited about a workout is to get a goal you are excited about achieving. Start with something simple like fitting into those size smaller pants. Once your goal is accomplished, all the work it took to get there does not seem like much work at all.


Make It Social

One of the greatest benefits of working out with friends is the accountability. People are much more likely to skip a workout and watch five episodes of their favorite show with some ice cream if they are not accountable to another person. Find a friend who is wanting to start working out and create a workout plan with them. Whether you workout daily together or catch-up once a week, this accountability will go a long way.


Find Media

One of my workout perks is that I get to listen to my favorite podcasts or watch HGTV in the gym. For real. Finding something you love that takes your mind off what you are doing is vital for keeping a workout fun. If you prefer listening to music when working out, find some upbeat music that makes you want to get up and move. It is incredible how much easier and quicker a workout is when we have something to take our mind off it.


Reward Yourself

Sometimes the reward of good health is just not enough. Before you start working towards your goal, figure out a reward you will get when it is accomplished. It does not have to be anything major, something as simple as a new top to show off your toned arms is enough. Just be sure your reward is not something that makes you back step or takes you off your workout roll.

Few people are born with some predisposed gym love. Loving your workout is something that takes time and an understanding of why you are doing it. What are some of your favorite ways to start something difficult?

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Great :)

This is great! I was just thinking of working out!

The only criticism I have is about staying away from the gym. Actually, finding a good short term deal thru groupon is perfect and doable.

This is awesome!

I like this. Great Ideas. I am going to try them out.

Thank you so much. This will help me get started. I wanted to ask if its good to start with Zumba as well. I like to dance so I was just wondering if that can help me start a workout as well. :)

Great ideas! :)

Good Ideas, thanks.

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