17 Little Known Tips for Slimmer Thighs ...


17 Little Known Tips for Slimmer Thighs ...
17 Little Known Tips for Slimmer Thighs ...

Lately everyone seems to be obsessed with having slimmer thighs and an inner thigh gap. Although we know that having a thigh gap isn’t an accurate measure of health or fitness, we still want to tone our thighs and lower body to look and feel our best. I gathered 17 little known tips for slimmer thighs so that you can rock those summer dresses and shorts with confidence!

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Eat Healthy

We can do all the exercises in the world but it won’t make a difference unless we eat healthy. Try as I might, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to lose weight in one specific area, so eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, grains and lean protein along with exercise is essential to trimming down and getting slimmer thighs.


Get Low

I have a hate-hate relationship with lunges but the truth is, they work. Lunges and squats are the most effective exercises to do get slimmer thighs and tone your lower body. Lunges strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings and your glorious gluteus while squats work the thighs, hips, quadriceps, bootie and hamstrings. There’s no way to avoid these bad boys if you want slimmer thighs.



The lazy girl’s guide to thinner thighs means investing in some thigh-slimming shapewear. If you want to wear a tight, unforgiving dress and you needed slimmer thighs yesterday, try some tights or body shapers on for size. These form-fitting undergarments create a slimmer silhouette and smooth out any unsightly lady lumps that you might be self-conscious about. A lower body makeover minus the scalpel!



Another healthy way to get thinner thighs is to do cardio exercise. Doing regular cardio exercise burns calories and when you burn more calories than you consume, you should lose weight and get slimmer thighs and a slimmer body. Lunges and squats strengthen and build muscle, whereas cardio helps you to lose weight all over your body. Pair your lower body exercises with healthy eating and cardio and you are good to go!



Another quick and easy way to fake thinner thighs is to use a bronzer or self-tanner all over your legs. Sun-kissed skin appears leaner and more toned than bare legs. So when you need thinner-looking thighs in a hurry grab, some self-tanner or bronzer and fake your way to slimmer thighs and beautifully bronzed skin! The great thing about tanners are that they are buildable and there is no damage to your beautiful skin!


Anti-cellulite Cream

There are tons of creams on the market to help improve the look and feel of cellulite on legs. These creams can be very effective in smoothing the appearance of dimples and cellulite when they are used consistently and paired with healthy eating and exercise. Caffeine is also known to combat cellulite and you can make your own caffeinated body wash by mixing old coffee grounds with your regular shower gel for a cellulite-busting body wash you can use anytime!


Dry Body Brushing

Dry brushing is a little-known yet effective technique that women around the world have been doing for ages! Dry brushing your skin helps shed dead skin, increase circulation, tighten the skin, lessen the appearance of cellulite and rid your body of toxins. Don’t take your hair brush to your body though; there are specific types of brushes to use on your skin that you can find at most health stores or online.


Kiss Sugar Goodbye

If you think the trick to slimmer thighs is all about your fitness regime, think again! Eating lean and clean isn't just about eating fruits and veggies, but also about cutting down high glycemic foods that cause your body to store fat, such as in your thighs. Getting rid of all refined and added sugars will slim every part of your body down in no time, especially your waist and your thighs. Working out is important, but if you want slimmer thighs, ditch the energy bars, all those healthy organic sweets and instead, nosh on nature's sweetest foods like carrots, grape tomatoes, berries, organic plain Greek yogurt with stevia, and even 100% dark chocolate. It works, it tastes good, and your body will burn fat when you ditch the sugar addiction and eat real foods instead.


Drink Yerba Mate

Did you know certain drinks actually burn fat at a high thermogenic rate in your body, much faster than pills that just hurt you anyway? Yerba mate tea is one of the best and it tastes so great too! Try the boxed tea bags flavored with chai and mint flavors. They taste delicious, have no sugar and are full of properties that teach your body to burn fat. Yerba mate has been proven to burn fat, aid in digestion, and slim you down quickly.


Eat More Plant Protein

Plant proteins like hemp protein, sprouted brown rice protein, spirulina and hemp seeds are all wonderful for taming your appetite and slimming you down. Keep animal proteins to sources like organic Greek yogurt and fish for the slimmest options and try to eat more plant protein. Plant protein fuels your muscles, burns fat and helps slim down your thighs the healthy way. Eating more protein from clean sources is a great way to up your metabolism fast.


Try Hiit

High intensity interval training, known as HIIT, is one of the best ways to tone your entire body, but especially your thighs. Because movements are fast-paced and use your legs a good bit of the time, you'll not only tone those thighs, but slim them down as well. The best part is, HIIT is shorter than long cardio sessions, so it saves you plenty of time to get on with your life instead of spending ridiculous amounts of time working out.


Go for Afternoon Walks

Fall is the perfect time of the year to implement this thigh slimming practice. Walking is a great way to tone your thighs and it's easy to do. Plus, walking has been shown to thin thighs just as well as running. Afternoon walks are not only relaxing, which help your body relax and relieve stress, but also cause your thighs to tone and lengthen. Just 20 minutes 5 days a week will make a huge difference. I like enjoying fall afternoon walks with my dog, which always puts both of us in a great mood and keeps us active!


Stand and Work

One easy way to thin your thighs is to stand while you work if you can. If you have a desk in a cubicle, this might be challenging and cause an awkward amount of attention. If you can't get a more active job, then stand while you talk on the phone, get up every hour and walk for five minutes, and move however you can. If you work at home, create a standing desk so you're not sitting down the majority of the day. Sitting stores fat, and standing burns fat.


Quit Obsessing

Just the mere stress of trying to lose weight can make you gain it, and I'm not even kidding. Forget about trimming down and focus on eating right, being active and doing stress-relieving activities such as walking, yoga, meditation, etc. These practices teach your body that it isn't stressed, so it won't send out stress hormones that cause your body to store fat.


Watch Your Healthy Fats

Yes, almond butter, olive oil and coconut oil are all great for you, but you don't need over a serving of these foods a day if you want to slim down. These foods are extremely high in calories for such a small amount. Don't overdose on healthy fats and expect to lose weight. Moderation is key. Eat more green vegetables, leafy greens, lean proteins and raw veggies like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery instead of high fat foods.


Try Butt Lifts

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite exercises for the thighs. It is most commonly known as a butt exercise, but amazing for thinning your thighs. Get on the ground, lie on your back and prop your feet up at an angle as if you were going to do sit ups. Place your hands behind your head and lift your butt off the ground into the air, but leave your shoulders and back on the ground. Hold your butt in the air while you squeeze your thighs together and hold five seconds. Lower down and repeat 20 times each day. These are called butt lifts and they're awesome! They tone the inner, outer and backs of your thighs so you get an all-around workout that works fantastic!


Squat, Don't Bend

When you're trying to pick something up around your house, instead of bending with your back, squat with your legs. We are prone to bend with our back when lowering our body down to pick up something off the floor, or just reach for something beneath us, such as in a cabinet. Instead of bending, squat down with your legs to lower your body down. This not only strengthens your back and prevents injury, but it also works your thighs more and can even help your posture!

Have you tried any of these 17 little known tips for slimmer thighs? Whether you decide to get thinner thighs the good old fashioned way with a healthy diet and exercise or the quick and easy route, there are many ways you can achieve your desired look! Do you have any special tips on how to get slimmer thighs?

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This may be a question I should already know the answer to but what exactly is dry brushing?

Does skipping help too ???

whenever i do lunges or squats it just makes my thighs even fatter.. do you have any tips for that. it would really be a great help for me.

I'm about to start with this and I really hope it works

I am 12.6years old,I am5feet and I weigh 120pounds I feel I have a bit chubby thighs what to do

I use a cellulite lotion and vitiman E combo on my stomach and my legs after every shower. Plus a self tanner on my legs too. I started doing a ballet leg work out too. It's working too

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