7 Tips on How to Keep Your Curves when Losing Weight ...


7 Tips on How to Keep Your Curves when Losing Weight ...
7 Tips on How to Keep Your Curves when Losing Weight ...

How to keep your curves when losing weight and are there any tricks and tips to help you do so? Well, professionals say “yes” and “yes” which certainly is a great piece of news! And whether you’re an experienced “looser” or relatively new to the whole healthy weight loss world, these 7 easy tips will certainly make keeping curves while losing fat much easier:

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Eat Healthy Fats

Healthy fats found in nuts, lean fish, olive oil and many other tasty products should be a necessary part of your diet in case you’re wondering how to keep your curves when losing weight. This eating regimen coupled with exercise will promote healthy weight loss which means you’ll be burning fat instead of your muscles and slowly substituting your jiggly curves with nicely shaped, toned ones.


Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself will make keeping your curves while losing weight impossible, my ladies, so don’t even go there regardless of how easy it sounds! Sure, exercising and sweating aren’t the two most-loved things in this world but they are popular and talked about for a reason! Skinny chicks with no muscles and loose skin flapping around aren’t hot, toned chicks in the other hand are despite the fact that they weight considerably more. Eat right, exercise regularly and, as each month passes by, you’ll be one step closer to your goal!


Say “Yes” to Anaerobic Training

Aerobic or “cardio” training is great for burning calories and will definitely help you shape up and slim down! However, if you want to keep your curves or even enhance the appearance of your curve-less body parts (such as flat or bony chest and shoulders or skinny calves), you’ll definitely need to work on building the muscles in that area which, of course, requires anaerobic training. Now, I know most ladies thing that weight training is for men only but, believe me, that’s yet another of those common misconceptions regarding weight loss. These exercises are awesome because they allow an individual focus on a particular muscle group he or she want to build up which I, personally, like a lot because it gives me better control of the way my body is going to look.


Give Belly Dance a Go

Still wondering how to keep your curves when losing weight? Why not give belly dancing a shot? This fun, exotic, totally seductive dance is a perfect exercise routine for the ones who don’t enjoy treadmills, elliptic trainers and weights and will help you strengthen your core muscles, tone your legs, arms and most importantly, your tummy while allowing you to keep all the curves you’re so proud of.


Don’t Give up

I’m about to reveal one horrible, terrible truth I’m sure you all know! And I’m actually going to put it in words! You can’t spot reduce! Not if you want sustainable healthy weight loss! What I’m trying to point out is that shouldn’t give up the moment your precious curves start shrinking. The rest of your body is changing as well, all that unwanted fat is being burned and that, unfortunately, involves some percent of your curves too. Simply continue with your cardio, consult a professional regarding the type and intensity of anaerobic exercises you need to update your program with in order to keep your curves and you’ll be back on track in no time!


Lipocontour Anyone?

Speaking about spot reduction… I kind of lied! There is a way to burn tummy fat without having to sacrifice hips, booty and breasts. It’s called ultrasound cavitation or Lipocontour and is painless, effortless and (surprise, surprise) quite pricy. Effects are, of course, only temporary because this is nothing more than a non-invasive liposuction whose original purpose was to help women fight hard-core cellulite deposits but hey…in case your only goal is to look good for a special occasion and have no wish to change your eating habits and/or lifestyle you’re welcome to give it a shot.


Monitor Your Body Fat Carefully

Getting lean and fit is all about burning fat and once the fat goes off that unfortunately means all, including the fat tissues you want such as breasts and booty. So, how to keep your curves when losing weight? Well, the trick is to keep some fat on, a very thin layer of it, actually, to cover your muscles and soften up your contours. It means your diet needs to contain a healthy dose of carbs, proteins, fats and even sugars and you can even allow yourself a favorite guilty pleasure from time to time. Ideal percent of body fat that will allow you to keep curves while looking fit varies from person to person but is considered to be anywhere from 16 to 20 percent. Have that in mind, pay close attention to the way your body looks when a certain percent of fat is reached and you’ll have no problem regulating your exercise and diet to maintain the desired look.

Well, my ladies, now you have a pretty good idea on how to keep your curves when losing weight which means the only thing left to do is to start exercising and eating right. Yup, I know we’re half way through the summer by now but, believe me, it’s never too late for healthy weight loss! So good luck and may your curves look even better on your new, sexy, well-toned frame!

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