7 Extracurricular Activities That Help Fight the Fat ...


7 Extracurricular Activities That Help Fight the Fat ...
7 Extracurricular Activities That Help Fight the Fat ...

In school, there are lots of fun extracurricular activities that help fight fat. They make it easy to have fun while getting or staying healthy. In middle school, high school, and even college, it's hard to find time for any fat fighting activities. Gym isn't quite as important as it used to be, so sometimes you have to look elsewhere for extracurriculars that will keep you active and entertained. They look great on college applications, they let you make new friends and spend time with current ones, and they keep you active. Check out my list of weight loss activities readily available to anyone in school and see if something piques your interest!

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Marching Band

I'm sort of like a broken record when it comes to marching band. I've probably mentioned this on every list of beneficial school activities I've ever written, but it's true! Marching band is one of the most rewarding activities that help fight fat because you learn so many things. Band teaches you about punctuality, diligence, teamwork, and hard work, plus it works you out! If you've ever wanted to learn an instrument or if you already do, think about taking it to the field.


Run Track

Running track is another fantastic activity that helps fight fat, plus it's versatile. There are all kinds of track specialties, whether you want to run relays or go all out yourself. Try the hurdles or opt for sprinting, you'll still be getting tons of beneficial cardio. And if you prefer to run alone, there's always cross country!


Play Soccer

If you prefer a more regimented activity, try soccer. There's still lots of running – lots and lots of running! It's an increasingly popular sport, it definitely advocates teamwork, and you're out in the fresh air. That's like a triple threat! Even if you just get together for neighborhood kickball, you'll be doing your body good, keeping it fit, and fighting the fat. I'm going to piggyback softball on this one as well, because it's another great outdoor sport that requires lots of running. Your arms will get a real workout, too!



Cheering is one of the most exciting activities that help fight fat. Of course, I say that as a girl who only cheered during the yearly elementary school game one time, but hey. No, really, I've seen the girls who cheer. Whether they do it competitively or just work it out at school games, they work hard! Perfecting those routines keeps you active and you'll also have a fun, fantastic time!


Cheerleading combines dance, gymnastics, and team coordination, all in one energetic package. It's like hitting multiple workouts at once while having the added motivation of crowd enthusiasm and team spirit. Burn calories with every high kick, jump, and stunt you perform. Plus, the strength required for those impressive lifts and the endurance for long practices can give you a full-body workout. The best part? Most of the time, you're having so much fun, you don't even notice how much of a sweat you're working up until you're done!


Dance Class

Sometimes you have to look outside the school to find the best fat fighting activities. Some schools do offer dance classes, but if that's your passion and your school or university doesn't offer any opportunities, just look around town. There's bound to be a dance studio offering whatever style of dance you like best. What better way to keep fit than learning to dance?


Play Basketball

I loved basketball when I was in school. Whether I was on a team or just playing for fun, I had a great time and got a lot of exercise. There are lots of wonderful indoor activities and sports you can choose as a curricular. Basketball keeps you running up and down the court, and the drills you run when you train and practice are crazy!


Form Your Own Club

Like I mentioned, you aren't limited to school activities that help fight fat. If you can't find anything at your school or around town, start your own club or group. Get together a group who enjoys riding bikes, playing golf, going rollerblading, or playing volleyball. If it keeps you active, it's good for you!

You can easily find activities that help fight fat and provide fun at the same time. Whether you like running, marching, dancing, or something else, there are opportunities available. You'll be helping yourself in so many ways; there are so many benefits associated with participating in extracurricular activities. Can you recommend any other fat fight activities?

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