25 Tips on How to Get Skinnier Legs in a Week ...


25 Tips on How to Get Skinnier Legs in a Week ...
25 Tips on How to Get Skinnier Legs in a Week ...

Skinnier legs in a week is something that, for the most part, seems quite unachievable and unattainable. I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally wishes for their legs to be that little bit slimmer or toned. While I’m sure we can all agree that significant weight loss needs to be achieved over the long term, the following are just a few tips and tricks to achieve the appearance of skinnier legs in a week.

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Set Realistic Goals

clothing, fur, model, knit cap, portrait photography, When it comes to body shape, genetics can play a large part. If you’ve had shapely calves or thicker thighs your entire life, chances are they aren’t going to change in a matter of days. If you want skinnier legs in a week, it’s important then to set realistic goals like toning your legs or targeting a specific area for improvement.


Get Moving!

person, human action, sports, physical exercise, beauty, One of the key steps to achieving slimmer legs is exercise. It can be structured or incidental exercise, but just make sure you get moving!


Do the Right Exercises

clothing, person, sports, supermodel, purple, Things like cycling and sprinting are renowned for building muscular legs so you may want to avoid them if you’re looking to slim in this area. Activities like walking, swimming, and running are great options.


Stretch It out

clothing, hair, hairstyle, physical fitness, black hair, With the increase in exercise you’ll be doing, it’s important to stretch after each activity to give your muscles the best chance at recovery. Stretching will help minimise soreness and injury, as well as lengthening the muscle so it won’t bulk up. Take your time and aim for 15-20 seconds for each stretch.


Tone up

person, human positions, human action, art, physical fitness, Instead of doing exercises that build muscle, you want to tone already existing muscle to create a more slender leg. In addition to stretching, activities such as Yoga and Pilates can also help tone your leg muscles.


Get Heeled

clothing, footwear, leg, sneakers, shoe, Slipping on a pair of heels is a cheeky way of getting skinnier legs in a week. Not only do heels add extra height, but they can alter the appearance of your legs to make them look leaner.


Wear Skin Coloured Pumps

clothing, thigh, leg, trousers, denim, Wear a pair of pumps that match your skin colour to give the illusion of slimmer legs. This works because choosing a shoe in a similar colour to your skin creates an uninterrupted line of colour, giving the illusion of longer, thinner, leaner legs.


Wear Opaque Tights

clothing, color, white, footwear, photography, Another tip for the cheat sheet on how to get skinnier legs in a week is to wear opaque tights with your favourite dress or skirt. Wearing black or block coloured opaque tights can give the illusion of a slimmer leg.


Avoid Capris

clothing, denim, trousers, jeans, leather, Capri pants are a no-no when it comes to creating the appearance of slimmer legs. They break up the line of the leg and when worn with flats can make your legs look shorter and stumpier than they are.


Keep Pants Long

clothing, photograph, photography, beauty, portrait photography, Wearing longer pants can help give you the appearance of slimmer legs by lengthening the line of your silhouette. If you’re wearing heels, choose pants that cover most of the shoe. If you’re wearing flats, go for a pant that almost skims the floor


Embrace the a-line

clothing, black, sneakers, footwear, painting, The kind of clothing you wear can make a huge difference in accentuating and emphasising different body parts. If you want to achieve skinnier legs in a week, start embracing A-line skirts or dresses. The shape of the A-line can make your legs look narrower in comparison.


Wear the Right Skirts

clothing, footwear, snapshot, sleeve, hairstyle, The length of the skirt can have a huge impact on how long or slim your legs look. Midi length skirts can break up the leg line, and maxi skirts can have a tendency to shorten the leg. Minis are a great option if you’re body confident, but the ideal skirt length for making your legs appear slender is just above the knee.


Wear Slimming Colours

clothing, footwear, outerwear, l.PU, Certain colours have long been touted as having slimming properties. Dark, block colours are usually said to be the best choices. Use this theory to achieve slimmer looking legs by wearing black or dark colours on your bottom half.


Stick to Dark Denim

clothing, denim, snapshot, jeans, footwear, Make your legs appear slimmer by wearing jeans in a dark, uniform wash. A clean dark denim jean can lengthen the line of your legs and make them appear slimmer than they are.


Fake It

sea, shore, beauty, sand, girl, Fake tan has long been touted as one of those quick fixes for making yourself appear slimmer. So why not apply fake tan to your legs to make them appear leaner? You can easily do it yourself, making sure to pay special attention to trouble areas such as the knees and feet.


Bronze up

clothing, footwear, leg, shoe, thigh, Achieve skinnier legs in a week and create contour by applying bronzer to your pins. Sweep a line of bronzer down your shins and on the top of your thighs to create the appearance of longer and leaner legs.


Get Clothes Tailored

clothing, sneakers, footwear, shoe, jacket, Ill-fitting clothes do not flatter the figure at all. When looking at items such as pants, don’t be afraid to get them tailored to fit. Buy a pair that fits the widest part of your leg and then get the rest tailored accordingly. You’ll be looking slimmer for it.


Be Patient

clothing, footwear, sneakers, leather, road, While this article may be about how to achieve skinnier legs in a week, the reality is that it will often take much longer. Be patient with any progress and use the cheeky tricks outlined here to fake it until you make it!


Learn to Love Lunges

clothing, pink, undergarment, swimsuit bottom, underpants, Moving more is only part of the equation to getting slimmer thighs fast. You've also got to do the right exercises. Learn to love lunges! They are one of your best friends when it comes to thinning your thighs quickly. Lunge front to back, side to side and do reverse lunges. By toning all areas of the thighs, your legs not only appear slimmer but also toned and elongated.


Try Pilates

person, sports, human action, physical exercise, arm, Pilates is one of my favorite exercises for thinning the legs. Certain floor movements target the inner and outer thighs and the fluid motions help to slim your legs, and very quickly, I might add! The best part is, you don't even need those fancy Pilates machines to get the effects. Just buy a beginner DVD, or try a YouTube video. Pilates feels simple, but works wonders for slimming you down.


Walk or Run Daily

pet, dog walking, Even though overall movement is important, it isn't enough for thinning your legs. Cardiovascular exercise is a must and walking or running daily for at least 30 minutes will trim your legs faster than any other kind of movement will.


Eat Right

food, dish, produce, vegetable, salad, You could exercise all day, but if your diet isn't right, your legs will not slim down. To effectively thin your pins, it is so important to cut starchy foods out of your diet. Women store extra fat in their hips and thighs for the most part, because we are genetically prone to do so. Our diets are 80% of the way our bodies look, while exercise only affects your body 20%, believe it or not. Starchy carbs are stored as excess fat in the body, along with too many processed foods. Cut all starchy foods out of your diet, keeping only veggies like sweet potatoes, and whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa as your source of carbs. Try to limit servings per day and fill up on veggies, lean protein, low glycemic fruits like berries and apples, and eat healthy fats during the day to keep you full.


Squat Your Way Slim

clothing, hair, hairstyle, blond, thigh, Along with lunges, squats are another excellent exercise for your legs. Do wide legged squats, along with normal squats, with your knees in alignment with your shoulders. Do 25 of each kind, and add hand weights if you can, holding them down by your side and keeping your back straight. This tones and thins the legs, and also gives you a great backside!


Eat Your Diuretics

produce, plant, food, vegetable, flowering plant, Excess fluid can build up in your thighs, causing them to look bigger than they are. Instead of taking harsh diuretics to look slimmer, just eat nature's natural diuretics instead, which are full of nutrients and electrolytes to keep you balanced so your energy doesn't suffer. These foods include celery, asparagus, parsley, cucumber, and dandelion greens.


Do More House Chores

jumping, toy, This might not sound fun, but it works! Do small chores around your house daily such as tidying, cooking more and even laundry. Anything you can do to move more and walk around your house more will slim down your legs in no time. Plus, you'll have a clean house, which we all seem to dread putting time into, but always end up enjoying!

Remember that your natural body shape often plays a part in how your legs look. It’s important to set realistic goals. With regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a few cheats, hopefully these tips will help in starting to achieve skinnier legs in a week. Do you have any tips for achieving skinny legs in a week?

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Does this really work?

Does it really work?

does this really work? Is it even tested?

I'm going the exercise route and doing the elliptical and pi-yo classes to get skinnier legs. Also have to remember to stretch afterward.

This helped me heaps

Thank u because I have to impress a boy

I have slim legs , do you guys think that I should have skinny legs ?

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