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7 Unique Ways to Get Fit ...

By Jenae

Bored with your usual workout routine? We've all been there! Let Jenae show you unique, new ways to get fit and get ready to wear that bikini you've been eyeing for ages! It is time to recommit to your new year’s resolution to get in shape so you can look gorgeous on your summer vacation. Here are 7 unique ways to get fit so you can feel fabulous in a swimsuit:

1 Pole

While previously only reserved for strippers, pole offers a great way to have a good time while working out, and get in touch with your inner sexy. Grab a friend and sign up for a class. Be prepared to engage your upper body muscles, but leave the lotion at home. Moisturizing before a class is a sure fire way to slide into an injury.

2 Pogo Stick

Jumping up and down may seem juvenile but a few minutes on a pogo stick can provide an intense cardio experience. Plug in your headphones and bounce to a few of your favorite songs. If balancing and bouncing simultaneously seem like too much, you can always scale it back a bit and start by simply jumping on a trampoline.


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3 Mall Walking

Many malls open early in the morning before individual stores do and allow people to walk. This is an excellent way to get your heart rate up without worrying about the extreme heat or cold that can plague the outdoors. Be sure to keep a brisk pace and use ankle weights or small hand weights to make the most out of your walk. And remember the best part is you get to window shop while exercising!

4 Belly Dance

Dancing is always fun, but belly dancing requires engaging your core stomach muscles and can help you achieve a gorgeous mid section. This exercise is appropriate for those of all shapes and sizes so it can be a good introduction into getting active if you have been sedentary for awhile. Also, you can take the moves you learn and use them on the dance floor, a sure fire way to catch a hottie.

5 Hoop

Hula hooping is no longer a pastime for the playground. It is a legitimate way to tone all parts of your body and burn calories. You can purchase hoops that have added weight to them or mix it up and buy a hoop with lights and shake your hips in the dark. After you have a few workouts under your belt you can show your seven year old cousin a thing or two.

6 Roller Derby

If you’re one who craves the group dynamic in your workout, roller derby might be for you. This all girl sport will teach you teamwork while providing intense physical exercise. Don’t worry if you’re not very good on skates. Many girls who try out for derby teams are taught how to skate. The best part is earning a really cool derby name like Ace of Skates or Marsha Law.

7 Kickboxing

Time to get in touch with your inner Uma Thurman and kill Bill. As a total body workout, kickboxing will tone your entire body while allowing you to get out some aggression from your work day grind. An added bonus is the self defense moves you learn. With this workout you will have the body and confidence to wear that little teeny bikini…and kick anyone’s ass who says otherwise.

It doesn't matter how you get fit, just remember the goal is to get moving. Exercising is not only intended to make you look good outwardly but feel good inside too. Great self esteem, a slammin body and a sexy swimsuit are the best summer accessories a girl can have.

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