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7 Ways to Find Cheap and Quality Workout Clothes ...

By Heather

You girls asked for it and I am delivering all of the different ways to find cheap workout clothes that still have a good bit of quality to them! Working out does not have to mean that you wear worn out clothes, you still want quality and cute clothes to go to the gym in, right? Well, I've got all of the ways to find cheap workout clothes and all of the different stores that carry them!

1 Check into Sporting Goods Stores (Clearance Section)

One of the top ways to find cheap workout clothes that still have a bit of quality to them is checking out your local sporting goods stores – in the clearance section! I've found everything from awesome sports bras all the way to incredible yoga pants there and I didn't pay a whole lot at all!

2 Marshall's/TJ Maxx

Another great store that I've had a lot of luck in (and saved a ton of money in!) is either Marshall's or TJ Maxx! These stores are awesome clearance stores that have their prices slashed constantly and have designer clothing! I've found so many different gym clothes here and all of them have been extremely cheap – yet filled with quality!

3 Target Has Clothes

If you've been to a Target, any Target, you know that they have clothes, but did you know that they have really cheap and quality workout clothes? Check out their clearance section too, because I've totally scored some fantastic clothes and they are amazing!

4 Check out the Sales

One thing that I always do before I head out to grab some new workout clothes is check out all of the different sales. I will then wait for the sales! This helps me save a ton of money and I can really get what I want. For example, I saw a huge sale at Target on sports bras – I saved a ton of money and got exactly what I was looking for!

5 Look at Old Navy Online Often

Oh, Old Navy – you have such cheap clothes and I swear, they are super comfy and of the highest quality! What I've found with Old Navy is that they love to have sales and they love to give away coupons. This combination is great for you because you'll be able to score some cute and chic gym clothes without overpaying!

6 Forever 21

I haven't been in a Forever 21 in a really long time – minus when I went last week! I was so surprised by how inexpensive their workout clothes were! They were right on par with Old Navy and the clothes were super cute and totally chic! I actually fell back in love with Forever 21!

7 Finally, Look at Walmart

Finally, if you want really cheap workout clothes that still have a bit of quality to them, Walmart is always a great option. I know that Walmart gets a bad rep for being super cheap, but if you are desperate and need to save money, drop into a Walmart for some awesome workout clothes finds! Give it a try and let us know how it was for you!

So girls, now that you know all of my secrets, where do you plan on getting your own workout clothes? Are any of these places that you've ever gone to for workout clothes?

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