7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise ...


7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise ...
7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise ...

Are you looking for tips to get motivated to exercise so that you can get in shape? It is not always easy to get up and get going. But once you get motivated and get your workout in, you will always be glad that you did! We all have days when we need that extra push. Here are some tips to help you to get moving!

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Dress the Part

One of the best tips to get motivated to exercise is to put on your workout outfit and sneakers so you are ready to go. If you put your outfit on you are already committed and you will be less likely to change your mind. So dress the part for a successful workout!


Get on a Schedule

If you exercise at the same time every day it will become a habit and be part of your routine. Making fitness part of your schedule will motivate you to exercise each day! And within a short time your body will crave this regimented fitness schedule. Make this workout non negotiable time, meaning no excuses because the workout is part of your new schedule!


Find Your Personal Drive

Find out what drives you to workout. Are you exercising for better health or weight loss? Discover what your personal drive to exercise is. I exercise to stay healthy and to look and feel better. Nothing feels better than wearing an outfit that shows your shape and knowing you worked for it. Identify what pushes you!


Do What You Love

If going to a gym to exercise is not your thing, then don’t do it! Do what you love, because there are endless options of exercise out there. If you like to explore, start hiking at local reservoirs or play tennis with a friend. Find exercise that you enjoy and your pleasure in the activity will motivate you!


Do Not Punish Yourself if You Fall off Track

If you have an off day or an off week because you are busy do not punish yourself. Part of staying motivated and being fit is identifying how to mentally stay strong. And understanding it is okay if you fall off the wagon, but just get back on and on track. So do not beat yourself up, we all have off days! Now get up and get back on track!


See Results

One of the best tips to get motivated to exercise is achieving results. Once you begin to see results you will have the ambition to do more. Think about how you felt when you started to fit in clothes you had not fit in years. How could this not motivate you? After you see results you will continue to chase your dreams of being fit to make this a reality! So exercise and eat healthy so you will see results.


Own Your Decision

If you have decided you want to begin a workout plan of walking 3 days a week, own your decision and commit. When you own your decision there is no turning back. Stay focused on your goal!

These fitness tips should help you to get up, get going and become more active! It is time to ditch the excuses and get serious. Now that you have many tips to get motivated to exercise where will you begin? Will you create a fitness goal for yourself?

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I have dated pictures of myself in a bikini in my phone. I click them every month just to notice the difference... Even if it is very little, it's a great motivation. On the days when I don't feel like working out, I look at those pictures and it makes me want to work harder.

I get inspired after I eat too much. Lol :))

Help.....ive fallen off the wagon and i cant get up

Thank you for this article, I did put together a plan for when to exercise. It will be tough at first but I'm over all my excuses!! I want to feel and look good again :)

After a long day of work sometimes the last thing I want to do is come home & workout...that's why every weekday I have my iPhone set to remind me "listen to music!" I have a special playlist of workout songs & all I have to do is just start listening to one & I'm hyped up about working out & 100% more likely to do it.

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