8 Great Workout Videos ...


8 Great Workout Videos ...
8 Great Workout Videos ...

I am a home workout enthusiast, which means I have seen my fair share of workout videos. Some are great, some are not, some are free, and some you must buy. There are lots of great workout videos out there along with some fantastic trainers. Here is a list of my favorite workout videos that run the gambit of interests.

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In my book, any list of great workout videos must have P90X. This workout program is fantastic if you want to change your health and workout lifestyle. The program has three levels, all of which can be done in home! My favorite workout routine from P90X is the plyometrics workout and the quick abs routine. But really, all are super muscle boosters!



Yogamazing is a great yoga podcast hosted by Chaz. I will admit, I have a super soft spot for this web series because 1) it is free and 2) it was my first introduction to yoga. Chaz is great at giving yoga flows and tips that work for everyone from the beginner to the yogi enthusiast. One of my favorite parts of Yogamazing is that most episodes are about twenty minutes long. Working out becomes way easier when it is only twenty minutes out of my day!


Amanda Russell

Amanda Russell has some fantastic, and free, workout videos available on YouTube. Amanda use to be a runner, but had to stop due to an injury. Now, she is a New York based trainer who shows people how to have a runner’s body without that silly running business. Her workouts are fantastic and tend to be about fifteen to twenty minutes long.


Jillian Michaels

If you watch The Biggest Loser or have opened a fitness magazine in the past decade, there is a pretty big chance you know who Jillian Michaels is. But, did you know that most of her workout series are available on YouTube for free?! When I found out about this little fitness miracle, I was overjoyed. The BeFit channel on YouTube has most of her exercise videos available in there entirety. These are great if you are looking for something a little less intense than P90X, but still want to get some fast results from your workout.


Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is the celebrity trainer for A-listers including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and occasionally, Kelly Ripa. With fit celebrities like these as her poster children, it is no wonder that she is making a killing with workout videos and private studios. There are about fifteen of her videos that I could list off the top of my head as "must- tries." Thank goodness, they are all on her YouTube channel for free! Try out the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis for an intense workout experience, or her workouts for the bum to get your hind region on the fast track to summer shorts!


Nike+ Kinect Training

So, this one is not as much a video as it is a home personal trainer. We recently got the Nike+ Kinect game for our Xbox and have fallen in love. The "trainers" run you through a series of tests to find out your physical capabilities, then they give you a workout plan depending on what you wish to accomplish. The best part of this is that the Kinect tracks all your moves so you cannot cheat. This may sound like a downfall to some, but having the accountability of a classroom environment or a one-on-one training session could be the difference between finding a plateau and seeing results!



Blogilates is one of my newest internet finds. These workout videos are available at blogilates.com or YouTube and hosted by Cassey Ho. I should just say, first off, Cassey is one of my new favorite trainers. She is so funny and sweet, but creates routines that make your muscles cry. Her workouts are intense, but will, pretty much, guarantee massive results if done right!


Yoga Journal

Up until now all the videos on this list have been instructed by one person. Yoga Journal deviates from that path because it has a few hosts to choose from. This is a really great idea since you get to choose instructor you like most, kinda like you would at a studio or gym! Try the Twist and Detox flow for some oblique abdominal action, or the Beginner’s Yoga for those just starting out. Most flows are about twenty minutes, but some are as short as ten or as long as ninety.

There are so many fantastic workout video options out there, it is hard to name them all in one list. Videos are a great way to get in a workout when you do not have much time, or money is a bit tight for a gym membership. What are some of your favorite workout videos that were left off this list?

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Fitness blender is really good! You guys should check it out.

Oh yea, and her workouts are only 12min long!

Love love love blogilates!

Ecoistas are great too

BLOGILATES is my one true workout love. Free. Fabulous. And such a killer.

I like turbo jam and t-tapp

You have not lived until you've tried Zuzkalight on YouTube. She's absolutely amazing and has a great following of "zwarriors"

Hip pop abs with Shawn T

Insanity is waaayyy better than P90X

i agree with u kaila! im 15 and im doing insanity! yes its hard but its also worth it!

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