7 Ways to Get in Shape Outdoors ...


7 Ways to Get in Shape Outdoors ...
7 Ways to Get in Shape Outdoors ...

There is no better place to be than the great outdoors. The fresh air, sunlight and beautiful scenery inspire me to exercise more. Are you tired of exercising indoors? Then bring your workout outdoors for a better workout, psychological benefits and to eliminate fitness boredom! Here is how you can get in the best shape this summer, my picks for ht best 7 ways to get in shape outdoors.

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Run in the Early Morning

If you run in the early morning there will be fewer cars on the roads and it will be safer (and cooler!). Just make sure to wear bright clothing with reflective strips if it is dark out so you can be seen. Push yourself in your run with intervals (short bursts of speed) and you will boost your metabolism!


Turn Your Weekend Hobby into a Workout

While at the beach, lake or pool, kick your legs for a leg workout and pump those arms. Pool running is one of the most effective workouts and it is fun! Try and do this work out for 20-30 minutes so you will work your cardiovascular system and burn ample calories... about 200 calories!


Join an Outdoor Fitness Program

Search your town to see if there is an outdoor fitness exercise class. In an 1 hour outdoor intense fitness class you can burn 600-800 calories! Now that is an hour well spent in the great outdoors! Usually these classes are taught by experienced certified trainers with worlds of experience helping clients reach their goals. This is a cost effective way of having a trainer and also enjoying the great outdoors. This is an effective way to use your environment as part of your workout!


Create Your Own Beach Body Workout

While at the beach focus on your gams by running in the sand. Exercising in the sand will not only increase your calorie burn but also eliminate workout boredom. Some great beach exercises that are time effective and results proven are: walking lunges, high knees and the plank.


Explore on a Hike

Find a local hiking route and team up with a friend or your partner for a great social workout! Challenge yourself with a longer trail and bring along a healthy meal that you can share at the end! Enjoy the fresh air and have a great time!


Play a Game of Tennis

Tennis is a great lifelong sport that is can burn up to 600 calories in an hour. This is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and become healthier! It's also a lot of fun... and your kids can play, too!


Enjoy a Brisk Walk after Dinner

Growing up, I recall taking a family walk after dinner, and it always felt great for the body and the soul. It was so nice to get some fresh air regardless if it was cold or warm out. So get out and add some speed bursts to get your workout in!

Have a great workout outdoors knowing you are reaping in the psychological and physical benefits! And eliminate your boredom by enjoying the scenery around you! I am off to my workout outdoors right now! Would you like to join me? Let's go!

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I might have to try an early morning run. The sun will be up but not too high for it to get too hot. By the time I finish work, it's dark and I'm tired, which means less motivation. My fiance's mother used to do this all the time and it has helped her body stay strong and slim.

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