7 Things to Look for in a Trainer ...


7 Things to Look for in a Trainer ...
7 Things to Look for in a Trainer ...

So you have decided you need some help with boosting your workouts, and are wondering what things to look for in a trainer. There are so many trainers, so how do you choose the right trainer? Well, let me tell you how. There are many things you should be looking for in your trainer such as qualifications, experience, passion, energy and whether or not you connect. Experience is great, but if you don't feel a connection with your trainer, you may have trouble exercising with them. Let me share all the things to look for in a trainer.

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Qualifications Are Essential

Qualifications are one of the first and most important things to look for in a trainer. Make sure your trainer is certified and has a background that proves them to understand the human body, whether it be exercise science, nursing, etc. You should also look for a trainer that specializes in whatever your goal is. For example, if you are looking to lose weight you should visit a weight loss specialist. Or if you are looking for better sports performance, visit a trainer that is certified in strength and conditioning.


Is Your Trainer Affordable?

Make sure your trainer is affordable and that you can fit this comfortably into your budget. A personal trainer is an investment in your health, and while it is certainly not cheap, it is well worth the money if you follow their plan. The average personal training rates range from $50 to $100 per hour. The average cost is $75, depending upon where you live and the experience level of your trainer. Ask your trainer about purchasing bulk sessions for a discounted rate so you can save some money. Follow their tips and you can better your body and mindset for a lifetime.


Are They Passionate about Training Clients?

Find out if your trainer enjoys training clients and if this is their passion, because this will make a big difference in how much effort they put into training you. This will also affect you reaching your goal because passion is something that people cannot fake. To get to know if your trainer enjoys what they do simply ask them what brought them into the field of training. The answer will tell it all. Pay attention to the excitement or lack of excitement in their voice!


Do They Enjoy Fitness Themselves?

If your personal trainer is a fitness lover it will be easier for them to relate to the journey you are embarking on. We can also relate better to people that walk the walk, not just talk the talk. There are many trainers that push clients to do many exercises that they do not do themselves and it shows in the way they train. Find the trainer that practices what they preach and you will be inspired above and beyond.


What is Their Experience?

Do they have proven results? If you know of any friends that have gone to this trainer you are interviewing, find out what their results were. Ask the trainer how many clients they have trained and what the results they have helped people to accomplish are.


Do You Connect with Your Trainer?

There are many people you will make connections with in life, and really relate to, and others that you may not connect with at all. Find a trainer that you make a connection with and hire this individual. This does not mean that if your trainer does not share your affinity for ice cream, you should kick them to the curb. Find a trainer that you feel comfortable with and that you like.


Can Your Trainer Commit Time to You?

Make sure the trainer you are interviewing will give you the time in your training sessions and outside. A true trainer lives, breathes and sleeps fitness. This means they are always on to help you if you need that extra push and guide you in the right direction for both fitness and healthy eating.

Now that you know what to look for in a trainer make sure you ask around to find some recommendations on a trainer in your area. Wishing you great results for a hard, lean and healthy body! Do you have an upcoming event that you are considering hiring a trainer to get you in shape for?

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