7 Types of Push-Ups ...


7 Types of Push-Ups ...
7 Types of Push-Ups ...

There are many different types of push-ups that will help tone our arms, our torso, and even our legs! Push-ups are great for our core, but can get a little boring without any switch-up. These push-ups will keep your workout fun and get your muscles growing. Mix up your usual routine and try a few types of push-ups from this list.

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The Classic Push-up

With all the different types of push-ups out there, it only seems fitting to start with the most classic. If you have not done many push-ups, this is a great place to begin; it will work your upper arms, core, and back. Get into plank position with hands facing forward and under your shoulders. Keep your body straight with your bum tucked in and bend elbows outward until your nose is almost touching the ground. Hold, then slowly come back to starting plank position. That’s one!


Triangle Push-Ups

Triangle push-ups are great for that arm jiggle that none of us want. This push-up is very similar to the classic push-up, but instead of your hands being under your shoulders, they are under your chest. Arms should be below your chest in the center-line of your body and the thumbs and pointer fingers should be touching- so they make a triangle. Start with arms straight, then bend elbows outward until you are almost touching the ground. Hold, then come back to starting.


Pilates Push-up

This variation is super fun and a great move for beginner push-up enthusiasts! Be sure to do this push-up after you are warmed up since it will stretch your legs, back, and arms while it works your torso and upper body. Start standing straight up with your back against a wall. Slowly fold your body forward so your head is low to the ground and your hands are touching the floor. Walk your hands forward until you are in plank position, complete one push-up, then reverse the movement until you are standing straight up against the wall again. That is one Pilates push-up.


Sphinx Push-Ups

These are so fun and work your lower arms like nothing else! Start in plank position with hands below either ear (instead of below the shoulders). Bend elbows straight back until the forearms are almost touching the ground, make sure elbows and arms are tucked into your sides. Hold, then rise back up until your arms are straight again. That is one sphinx push-up!



Chair-ups are a bit like an inverted push-up and will work your triceps, core, and legs. Grab a chair and sit on the edge with your palms on either side and fingers off the front. Keep your legs straight out in front of you with feet resting on the floor and scoot your bum about six inches off the chair so your arms are holding you up. Bend your elbows backward and lower your bum so you are almost sitting on the ground. Arms should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold, then straighten your elbows. That is one chair dip. Do not sit back on the chair between dips.


Wide Arm Push-Ups

These are a simple variation on the classic push-up. The Wide arm push-up will work your back, triceps, and chest. Get into plank position with arms about one foot out from your shoulders and fingers facing forward. Bend elbows outward, away from the body until they are at a 90 degree angle. Hold, then rise back up until your elbows are straight. That is one wide arm push-up!



Remember how a promised a push-up that would work your legs along with your arms? Well, this is it! Grab your chair and get into plank position with your feet resting on the front edge of the chair. To really kick your muscle toning up, lift one leg 45 degrees off the chair. Bend elbows backward until your forehead is almost touching the ground. Hold, then straighten arms. I would suggest trying to complete ten push-ups with the right leg raised, and ten with the left. You will feel this one in the morning!

These different push-ups are great as a workout switch up, or all together for a massive arm toning. Whether you are doing them all together or adding in a few after your usual workout, I would suggest starting with 8-10 reps of each. How many push-ups do you usually do in an arm workout?

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Plz show pictures

Pictures would be helpful (:

We always did Hershey kiss push-ups in gymnastics...they're like the triangle ones but instead of being in plank position you stick your butt up so your body forms a triangle too!

I'm new to this app and I'm loving the articles, but some, like this one, could use some pictures or drawings :-)

It would be great if you could show pictures of the push-ups.

Can u please show some pictures plzzzzzz


There's also diamond push ups where you put your hands together so the space between your thumb and ring finger from a diamond in front of your face.

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