7 Ways Young Moms with Small Kids Can Sneak in a Daily Workout ...


7 Ways Young Moms with Small Kids Can Sneak in a Daily Workout ...
7 Ways Young Moms with Small Kids Can Sneak in a Daily Workout ...

Ah, ways for young moms to workout - seems impossible, but it doesn't have to be. All of us young mothers know that with children comes lots of housework and no time for ourselves, so why not make that dreadful, time consuming housework into a daily workout. Here are some ways for young moms to workout...

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Kids and babies produce a lot of dirty laundry. Sometimes I think that it is easier to just buy new clothes and linens than to wash, dry, fold, and put away, so lets make it worth it. Separate laundry into piles on the floor (kids can be helpful at this chore and it may turn into a learning experience) and instead of bending down as you normally would, turn it into a squat. Start slow and do a few before you pick up the pile then as you begin to get used to that, take it up a notch and do the squats with the laundry basket in you hand. Maximize your housework... this is such a sneaky one of the ways for young moms to work out!


Picking up Toys

Everyday I ask myself, how is it that this small body can produce such a big mess? Look on the bright side: more work for mommy means another chance to do some exercise! While picking up toys from the floor you can continue squats or move on to front or side lunges.



Piles of bottles, sippy cups, and other dirty dishes? Oh, yes! I know that all too well! While hand washing and sanitizing, work out your calves. You can do this by standing comfortably as you normally would and move up and down on and off your tippy toes.



While vacuuming, sweeping or mopping, put on some music and make it a cardio routine, start dancing, use the broom as your mic. Not only will you be working out and having a blast, but your kids, whether they be a toddler or an infant, will be totally entertained at you making a fool out of yourself.


Fitness Video

If you're lucky enough to have kids that take naps, pop in your favorite fitness DVD! Even if you're not one of the lucky ones, include your kids. My daughter loves to imitate what I'm doing during my workout. It's fun for the both of us. Have an infant? No problem! Use your baby! Who needs weights when you've got a 15-pound baby you can lift!



Use your stairs in a beneficial way. I know what you're thinking: I'll clean down here first and then I'll go upstairs. Most of us let things pile at the bottom of the steps. Don't do that! Use those steps! You have a built in stair master, so take advantage!


Gym with Childcare

If finding a sitter is what keeps you from the gym, that's not a problem! Most gyms offer childcare for a reasonable cost. My daughter loves going to childcare at the gym. It's like a play date. Sometimes I bring one of her friends and they play together. By the end of my workout she's begging to stay a little longer.

Whether you want to drop that baby weight or just remain active, there are alternative ways to get some exercise without having to change your daily routine. Playtime with the kids may not be considered a chore but let's face it - it can be boring and repetitive, so from now on make it into mommy and me time! Make sure that much of what you do will not only benefit your child but benefit you as well. As young moms we forget that the key to a healthy, happy child is a healthy, happy mommy. From now on make yourself a promise to do something different and make every minute count. Do you have any other suggestions to help us young moms find ways to workout?

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Loved this! Great tips :)

Hi Amanda, Of course this will also work for older mothers but I chose young mothers, because as a young mom myself and having many friends who are young moms, i find that most of them are just starting out creating their families and homes and many young mothers can get over whelmed with all that comes along with motherhood, especially time management. Although I am not an expert I do find that that mothers 35 and older may seem calmer and more confident with themselves. Hope you enjoyed reading the article anyway! Thank you for your input.

Great article!

Why is this only for "young" moms, and what exactly do you consider "young" anyway????

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